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Honest officer I thought it was approved

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matti-san, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Just thought i would let you in on something i saw this morning. A rider on Nepean Hwy around Carrum riding his bike with a Bengal Tigers NFL helmet :shock:

    Some people I swear are thier own worst enemies.
  2. Stupid people. Honestly we should take the warning labels off everything and let them sort themselves out.

    I am a self-proclaimed gene pool lifeguard.

    *Blows whistle at NFL helmet guy*

    'Hey you, outta the pool.'
  3. Yup... we need to get the pollies to give up on this "legislate to save people from themselves" mentality, it's got to the ridiculous stage.

    I mean, bengal tigers... pffft :roll: , we all know the dolphins helmets are the safest :LOL:

  4. Were you riding in Dromana on saturday with one other guy on a black bike?
  5. Nah not me, I was riding around Mornington/Mt Martha though.
  6. Hahahhahahah.... Not a bad idea.
  7. was it a proper gridiron helmet, or an open face helmet made to look like a gridiron helmet ??

    I keep seeing this rider in the North rocks area of Sydney with a helmet with green carpet like material all around the helmet with cat ears on top made with the same green carpet ! . . . . and whiskers !!! :eek:

    man, it looks funny in a cool kind of way !
  8. This was an NFL helmet with the cage on the front and all!

    I saw a Kiwi guy at the com games on Sunday with his open face covered in fake grass and two little sheep stuck on :shock:
  9. Kiwi and sheep on the same line............................

    Nothing more to add.

    Carry on :LOL:
  10. vic the best bit was he was a Kiwi, I know strange a Kiwi with a sense of humour??