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Honda's VT1300 - a production chopper

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by ralph, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. I did a search on VT1300 and got no love, so i dont think there has been a thread on this. Mods please delete if there is.

    Hondas attempt at producing a production chopper. Not bad at all. A mate flicked this to me on Friday, he is pretty keen on getting a crusier and loves this one.


  2. Called a Honda Fury.

    Mixed reviews in the states.

    One reporter said 'It is like it is a good girls bike'
    (Motorcyclist magazine)

    I reckon you can judge for yourself if it meets your needs. Only criteria that matters.
  3. I really like the lines on this bike.
    The mixed reviews seem to be more of a custom can't be a custom if the factory builds it :)
    Being a Honda probably dosn't help this
    Being a Honda means that it will start most days :grin:
  4. hot damn! that is one sexy looking bike who cares how it goes?! can i take it home to bed? ha aha ha (07 honda shadow owner, yes i am biased...)
  5. Cruiser and Trike mag have a write up on it.
  6. Looks nice but clearly a city bike. Just enough petrol tank to get from servo to servo. I read one article that said "don't dare hit a bump".
  7. Looks pretty smooth, that front rubber is pretty tiny tho! Im sure they could have done something more imaginative with the pillion pegs too, but then again, it is a Hoondah. The engine does look very nice tho!