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Honda's replacement CB250 - The CBF250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by boingk, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. By the by...has anyone seen Hondas new learner-targeted 250? What the hell have they done? It looks like its trying to play catch-up [not very successfully I might add] with a Suzuki GS500! Not to mention it has all of a massive HALF kW [!!!] over the older CB250 it is replacing. This despite such additions as DOHC and supposedly innovative exhaust [correct me if I'm wrong]. Sporty my ass! I'd love to see the look on somones face when I get my CD250 and blow them off on their CBF250...oh well, gone are the days of old but we who endure may still live on and remember...

    Sorry for the rant, but I just think its stupid what Honda have done. Destroying a classic utterly and completely and with no concession to those that have gone before it.

  2. i sat on one.... felt rather odd and uncomfortable to me

    not to mention the foot pegs jabbing my legs everytime i put my feet down.
  3. Cheap, entry level bike.

    I think that is all there is to it. Competing more directly with the cheap 250's flooding the market recently like the Hyosung.
  4. i thought it looked like a hornet crossed with a trailbike..... it's got bits of both in there.

    might be ok in the city but i'd think it would be a bit week on the highway
  5. It's not exactly new - it's just the Brazilian made CBX sold under another name (still made in Brazil though). Only reason they're using it is that it already met the new Euro emissions regs, the old CB didn't. Incidentally the half kw increase is actually good considering it has one less cylinder.
  6. it's still uncomfortable though
  7. I like them. Not a bad looking little bike.
  8. Hmmm..from that picture it seems to have a single carby, and a single exhaust port, ie one pipe. I can understand the single carby ok, but why on earth would you use just one exhaust port on a 4 valve single? Yamaha got that right 20 years ago with SRX 250, 2 exhaust valves=2 exhaust ports. I believe the origin of this CBF250 engine was the old XR250 donk, which was dual port.....so why go backwards?
  9. Single exhaust and carb is probably what's helping to keep the emissions down - though more likely it was designed that way to reduce fuel consumption. No doubt that you can get more power out of a twin port but that means burning more fuel = more emissions. Keep in mind the bike was designed initially as cheap transport in the crowded (and polluted) streets of Brazil, it's not a sportsbike.
  10. Funny thing with it after reading a test on it its heavier then my old CBX250 with its little bikini fairing, it has lousy brakes modest handling and very modest performance but I don't think it looks to bad but I'll stick with my GS500.
  11. it's not supposed to be a sporty naked bike - it supposed to be a replacement for the CB250 that looks more modern.

    I love my cibby but it looks really "old school"

    I think the cbf250 looks nice.
  12. used one to get my Ls at ride safe in adelaide.

    found no issue with the bike. was comfortable to ride and performed the tasks required quite well.

    it will fit its designed usage well,