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Honda's OVAL piston motor

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. I've got one of the tiny spark plugs out of the factory racers that Malcom Campbell raced in the Swann Series.
  2. Wanna sell it???
  3. Yep Oval piston, 90 degree v-triple 2 stoke with DiTech & 8 ark-rods per pot....HEAVEN :)
  4. I could be wrong here, but wasn't the RVF400 an oval piston jobbie?

    It's just that I've seen a few of them in the online classifieds lately... I think they might be heading the same way as the Spada...
  5. Bugger!!!
  6. Na, I'm waiting until the rest of the bikes come along ;-)
  7. I hope you've got a confirmed delivery date in writing.....

    You could be waiting a while for that one... :D
  8. I think the NR750's are still going for around 80k US!!!
  9. What?! You mean the NR (Never Ready) 750 ?

    Oval piston, V four, four stroke :?
  10. No I'm just quoting an 'experimental' design (theory) that a friend of mine came up with, he reckoned it would make the perfect motorcycle engine (light, powerful and very narrow). :D
  11. What about the new Triumph 675 in the other thread? (says he, stirring the possum mightily) lol
  12. One of the bosses who worked at Honda UK use to ride one to work. You wouldnt see it every day but every now and again I would see it riding down the M4 freeway. From memory I think 20 were sold in the UK at 37,000 pounds sterling ride away.
  13. I also remember a bike mag did a article on one and the ignition key was a special addition thing that cost 200 pounds to replace if lost.
  14. That's an inline triple isn't it, not a v-triple?
  15. Yeah 'tis, but very very narrow, so lots of clearance, etc. Looks like a nice little motor.....
  16. Kind of like any modern car *sigh*
  17. and Saabs, where you stick it in the floor, jeez, does it have to be THAT different??
    (waits for flames from Vic!!)