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Honda's great unveiling?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by edgelett, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Photos have to be leaked somewhere I am sure of it. Same as the VE Commodore, someone is always willing to lose their job to get some photos published. :)
  2. hmm. interesting is it a new bike?? new cbr or sumting? i got no idea but im interested.
  3. It's probably just another fcuking hybrid
  4. HA HA nice one Tash!!

    When you gonna fix them indicators?
  5. soon mate - christmas fast approaching & the fact I had to give dad $500 has delayed my purchases for a while

    and I promise to take pics of the hugger soon!
  6. It will be one of those one seater enviro friendly concepts which noone is ever going to be able to find any use for and the only reason it is there is to show off some sort of recycled technology... Give me the Nissan "GTProto" any day. :)
  7. I'm hoping its a new Hornet 600.

    Why Honda haven't got a naked 600 in the shops when the other 3 Jap manufacurers is beyond me.

    (Even the Koreans have seen the light)
  8. I know what it is....
    I saw it get unlaoded at the expo today, while Loz and I were there helping set up :)

    It's got a girraffe/orange and black zebra stripe type paint job...that's all I'm saying :p
  9. If "art" is involved it's probably some wanky cruiser.
  10. You really gotta get off restictions Tash, I wanna see you take that thing for a blast. Now I know im not a fan of nakeds, but that bike really is quite sexy.
  11. thanks mate, it's a looker isn't it?
    I just found this from this month's Bike magazine.
    and while I will never sell my baby, if I was to have a 2nd bike I'd want this!:

  12. It's a Honda, it will be boring.
  13. Hmm... if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the design team responsible for the front end of ER6n should feel absolutely stoked.
  14. The rear of it looks a fair bit like a Monster's, the section just under the seat in particular.