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Honda's CBX 30th Anniversary

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the release of arguably the most jaw-dropping bike of all time; the charismatic Honda CBX-1000.

    Millions of words have been written about this amazing machine, and for those of us who were there, we still swivel our heads when one rides by 30 years later.

    This is a small article about the bike; there are thousands of others...

  2. The Z1300 was *much* nicer :p
  3. i want one just based on the 'what the' factor..and 25cc per cylinder.. nutso
  4. Ah yes, the infamous "Pipe Organ" :LOL:


    For you young'ns who think a 1990 bike is old, here's Kawasaki's answer to the CBX. Released a year later, and not really aimed at the sporty market, the Pipe Organ was water-cooled, and therefore even heavier than the CBX.

    It was also shaft drive, but the front forks were no better than the Honda's :p.

    I remember Garry Thomas flinging one of these devices round Bathurst for three hours in the Arai 500 one year; the race finished in the near dark and also in rain, and every lap at the dipper was accompanied by a shower of sparks as Thomas dragged the exhaust pipes on the ground :shock:. he was a courageous lad, our Garry!!!
  5. now that would be quite the site..
  6. It was, but it was literally too dark to take photos (which was why I was there).

    When Tony Hatton on the Honda Bol d'Or pulled in for his last pit-stop, the scruts checked his headlight; it wasn't working, and they were not going to let him back out on the track. I can't remember if it was to his helmet or to the bike, but some wag duct-taped a torch onboard, and he was allowed to leave the pits (and win).
  7. like brocky completing 50 laps with a pair of vice grips for a gear stick.. im not that old but i still remember REAL race meets.