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News Honda's 650 Lands LAMS Approval

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Honda's 650 Lands LAMS Approval

    The all-round excitement of Honda's famed middleweights is within reach for every rider, with the new 2016 CBR650F and CB650F now LAMS approved.

    The CB650F channels streetfighter attitude into its four-cylinder engine for a high quality riding experience for all levels of ability. Tuned for optimum performance in the low-to-mid rev range, the sprightly CB redefines poise on the tarmac.

    The sporty CBR650F has been designed to put the rider in tune with the machine and offers the ideal partner for conquering corners on both the open road and in busy urban streets.

    Honda created a new 649cc DOHC four-cylinder engine for these models and with their full-bodied sports bike howls radiating from the exhaust, the CB650F and CBR650F tick all the right boxes.

    The steel diamond frame has its rigidity balance specifically tuned to deliver outstanding handling and rider feedback. Both the rear shock and 41mm telescopic fork have been developed to work closely with the frame's performance-driven dynamics to provide supple control to the rider in all conditions.

    The CBR650F offers a riding position on the relaxed side of sporty, while the naked CB650F retains its upright riding position, placing the rider close to the bike's centre of gravity.

    The new models also offer stunning new colour options, with the CB650F available in Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic and a Tri-colour Pearl Metalloid White, and the CBR650F available in Graphite Black and a Pearl Metalloid White.

    With exciting performance, pin-point handling and admirable economy, the 2016 CB models have every angle covered.

    Adding in the LAMS approved status, the CB650F and CBR650F hit showrooms next January.

    Pricing of the models is set to be announced at a later date. For more information about the new CB650F and CBR650F visit your local Honda Dealer, call 1 300 1 HONDA or visit www.hondamotorcycles.com.au

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  2. So....the cb650 has around 80hp currently. Is there a LAMS specific version with half power? That is why the engine was downgraded apparently from the original 100hp version. In Europe to fall within their learner program its something like the learner version can be 40hp but the 'opens' version couldn't be more than twice the power of the learner version.....hence limiting the big boy version to around 80hp.

    I'm not sure how I feel about this coming off my restrictions. I was eying off the naked model as it is cheap, very reliable, looks good and would suit an everyday commuter. But I guess Honda had to either do this to sell heaps of them. Well that or......give them the original 100hp and I'd be all over these no question.

    Also sucks that they never brought the Matt black and Tri colour to the full power version this year. Even a red or blue would have been nice.
  3. does this only apply to the 2016 model or are you able to buy a second model from the year 2000 and is that still valid as a LAMS bike as well
  4. It certainly won't be retrospective. It's basd on power to weight. Not just a model name alone.
  5. bugger it would have been nice to own an earlier model as a first bike
  6. FYI - the LAMS version is a restricted 48HP version. The 'normal' version is around 83 horses from memory.
  7. I personally don't see the point of this when you can buy the 500 range which is a properly designed LAMS bike. The 650's carry a lot of extra weight for no gain in comparison.
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  8. That inline 4 cylinder sound though!
  9. The more variety of LAMS bikes the better. It gives newbies a bigger choice and hopefully more will ride. BTW try riding a 125 around the Kiama bends on a windy day!