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Honda XR600R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by boingk, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Its not 'new', but its new to me. Bought it in preparation for going around Australia next year, wanting to do some decent offroad, dirtroad and trail riding so the GSX will have to stay in the shed.


    Its got a fair bit of aftermarket kit on it including Acerbis tank plus hand & sump guards, Works Connection frame protectors, Ballards rear rack (fitted by me, not in this pic), rear disc protector and billet choke plate - apparently the stock ones like to get sucked into the engine after a while.

    Had to give it new sprockets and chain when I got it, plus a new dual-sport rear tyre to replace the ancient knobbly on it - wore it down to a slick in 800km haha. Even took it out to a mates place and did a few small jumps with it, seemed to take them pretty well.

    Anywho, thats the new bike. Cheers - boingk
  2. That is the all time bullet proof bike right there! Very nice!

    Still don't understand why Honda stopped production. :confused:
  3. Spare parts department got antsy.
  4. bullet proof except for the frames if you give them a hard time... but you had to be REALLY giving them a hard time. they cracked around the headstem if you raced mx on them too much.

    solid engine, friendly to ride and not too heavy (weight down low, easy to manouvure.).

    v good trail bike.
  5. Also have a look at the cams, followers and valve stems. The multi-angle valve geometry meant it was sus in this area, like early VFRs. Otherwise nice bike.
  6. it'll outlast you; good choice (y)
  7. heard good things bout em, i might start looking for one next year myself.

  8. Okay, here's the short version:

    Bought bike in 2010, sold GSX-1100EF, bought a CBR1000F, sold that, bought a VTR1000F, sold the XR600R, had a few other bike in there inbetween but always missed the big enduro...

    ...and have just now bought the XR600R back! Ah, the benefits of selling to a mate. :D

    She's only got about 500km more than what I sold her with about 2 years ago, and new dirt tyres as well as the old road-bias Avon Distanzia's which still have 70% tread. All the farkles are still there, including Acerbis tank, Ballards guards and rack and presumably the large-plenum Unifilter, Hotcam and upgraded CDI I fitted.

    Never did do that round Oz trip but can still dream of it now the bike is back. Meantime I'll be doing a teardown and service session on her, helps that I still have some oil filters and the owners manual lying around, haha!


    More as it happens, cheers gents!

    - boingk
  9. Oil shot, filters shot, chain shot, no rear light and really needed a clean! Once all that was taken care of she carried me to the inspection station and then to the NRMA and RTA offices.


    Now hooning in a suburban area near you!


    - boingk
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