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Honda XL250S Degree

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jimboss, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys & Gals

    I would like to know how many netriders out there have either owned/own a Honda XL250S Degree?

    The reason I ask this due to the lack of information on the net (most of it is in Japanese or Russian) If anybody has any information to share or require - eg manuals, specs, parts 4 sale, pics, stories, building bike, repairs, maintenance, internet sites- WHATEVER!!! just post it.

    I bought a 95 XL250S Degree a couple of months ago (to those who havent heard of this model - its a trail/road bike, DOHC, front & rear discs, water cooled and 6 speed. Drawbacks are small tank (9 litres), no tacho and average seat. Its a great bike to ride and easy to learn on (im still on my Ls). These bikes are better known in Europe & Asia.

    Parts arent to bad to source, the most difficult part to find is the AirFilter its an L shape paper job. They cost about $59 from a Honda dealer. Im thinking of using either a UNIFILTER foam job or a K&N fabric filter (if they have them and hopefully cheaper).
    You can buy a good XL Degree from $1500 to $4500 (personaly I wouldnt pay anymore)

    If any body has any info out there please share - So far I believe I am the only DEGREE owner out there - scary thought.

    Cheers Jimboss
  2. Bugger I must be the only one out there. Anyways I will persist for more knowledge on this bike and happy to share. Cheers
  3. HI JimBoss,

    you could try here, not sure if its cool to have the link, appols if this is not the done thing, but loads of info..

    did a quick search about 9 hits, and thats prior to reaching out!!
    I rekon being Duel/Sport allows for cross over... and its aussie oy...

    good luck al
  4. Thanks Enduro will check it - fingers crossed
  5. Hi out there I bought a Unifilter foam air filter today for $49 - hopefully last one I have to buy - all I have to do is clean in turps and re-oil every 5000kms - great.
  6. Nice one Jimboss, there are also air filter skins you can get from Ballards and around that i have seen, they are designed to go over the top of your set up i think then be pulled off when in the dirt etc, so you get a breath of fresh air half way through a ride.. for me i have a spare filter in a plastic zip lock bag oiled up in the kit on the longer ride trips..

    on a side note do you do much road trail bush riding, always up for a ride with out going to nuts drop us a PM some time.. happy riding :grin:
  7. I am just about to PM you Enduro-
  8. Hi Enduro let me know if you didnt get me PM - I sent it but its sitting in my Outbox - Im not sure how messaging works on Netrider yet - It must send when you log on.
  9. jimboss just got my first bike and it a honda XL250s 1995 the only thing i know it was a 1year run in 95 and first with steel tank i to cant find any info on it yoyo out