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Honda won't start - A plea for help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Snowman, Aug 17, 2014.

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    Hello, Im trying to resurrect a 1994 Honda VT250C that has been sitting in my parents shed for nearly 15 years. The last time I saw this thing running properly was about 9 years ago when I learnt to ride on it around the back yard, and the last time it was running but very poorly was about 3-4 years ago.

    So 3-4 years ago I got this thing out with the intention of registering and riding it, I changed the oil and filter, new fuel, new spark plugs and coolant and a new battery. The thing was very hard to start and didnt seem to run properly, hesitated when accelerating and felt like it had no power.. anyway I got distracted, put it back in the shed and forgot about it until now.

    Bike specs:
    1994 Honda Magna VT250C
    .... cant think of anything else relevant

    What it does:
    Everything lights up, the battery seems to crank the motor over fine and sounds strong, all electrics seem to work such as kill switch etc, side stand switch and clutch safety switch, but it just wont fire, just cranks all day. I tried push starting it and it seems to sputter like it has compression but doesn't seem close to firing up.

    What I've done so far:
    put in a newish battery
    new fuel
    disassembled and cleaned carbs, jets and needles
    checked spark

    From what I can see it has spark (although weak?, not sure what I'm looking at) it has fuel (clean fuel when I drain carb bowls) and should have compression, I can feel air pump out of the spark plug holes when the plug is out and cranking it. On the spark plugs, after cranking the engine and then pulling the plugs, one has fuel on it, and the other has an oily fuel mixture on it, so I'm thinking its something to do with them? they are about 4 years old but have only done about 5k's tops.

    Tried aerostart...
    Tried putting some fuel into spark plug holes...
    uuuum, I can't think of anything else right now but I'll update this if I think of something else that I've tried to get it going. It doesnt even sound like its about to fire, just happily cranks away...

    F**king Honda's -.-

    So any sage advice or help to get this old thing back cruising around would be much appreciated because I am absolutely stumped (although I'm no expert!)

    Thanks guys :p

  2. Check for air.

    If it has;
    Fuel getting to plugs (not a flood of fuel)
    Spark - Doesn't take much to ignite fuel
    It must run.

    If any of these are absent, it will either not run or run poorly.

    Remove the air filter, whilst cranking, spray some start ya Kunt into throat of carb. If it comes to life, it may not have been getting air.
  3. something I noticed when I cleaned the carbs was the piece attached to the glands, around the needle... I dont know what it is but its supposed to go up and down, well they got stuck open after I reassembled it, I chucked them back in anyway thinking they will get pushed down when trying to start it. They werent stuck hard, I just couldnt get my fingers in there to pull them back down..

    Yeah tried start ya bastard for the first time, bike nearly went up in flames, pretty hesitant to use it again now but have done so a couple times and it makes no difference, sound of cranking doesnt change at all.
  4. That slide has to be free moving, or somewhat closed. I am guessing based on what you said, it is getting too much air/fuel to start, effectively what you have here is WOT, and when you said the plugs were wet, they shouldn't be very wet at all.


    Disconnect the fuel line into the carb, crank and see what happens. If it won't cough or anything, get the slide freely moving, leave the fuel line disconnected and then as I noted before start cranking, and while doing that spray start ya kunt down the carb throat in short bursts, don't just hammer it in there.
  5. If you get it running without freeing up the slide, be prepared to kill it because it will probably rev its balls off! More importantly, do not be tempted to ride it until the slide/s are reliably free moving, you don't want a throttle stuck wide open unless you are confident you will grab the clutch and shut it off before you get into trouble.
  6. Thanks for your help, I think this might be my problem! Tomorrow arvo I'm gonna pull the carbs and give them a clean and fiddle till the slides move properly, check the plugs again and also drop the oil coz I think its got fuel in it from trying to start so much. If I get all this done I'll post an update here, hopefully that's it!

    On another note I took the tank off again and noticed a funny noise inside, it sounds like there is sand sloshing around in there? and the tank paint/lining looks like its coming away a little bit inside, so will be adding a decent inline filter. No idea what the crap is or how it got there :/
  7. Probably the tank anti-corrosion liner that is painted inside the tank. Often they break down with age and start peeling away.
    The filter will be a good idea.
  8. You could always take the Honda badge off if you think that's the problem.:p
  9. I think its more than that, I'll see if I can get some tomorrow and take a photo, it's like sand :banghead:
  10. I've got some Yamaha stickers around here somewhere :p
  11. ^^ then it'll never run.
  12. Gallon of petrol and a match.....