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Honda Warranty Issue

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Virtue, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    This is a first post to the forum - recently got my license and bought a CBF250.

    Took the bike in for its 1000km service on the 14/10 from the dealership i bought it from. We found that one of the front suspension fork seals had split, leaking fluid into the front brake pads.

    Only just heard back from the dealership today, that Honda had declined the warranty request, saying they couldn't determine if it was faulty production or just happened on the road.

    As I'm new to bikes, I'm not sure if this is normal practice...

    Would love to hear your advice.

    Oh, and Hi to everyone. Hope to get involved in some of the events/organised rides soon!
  2. Bummer. Don't take that bull. Get mad with them or better still talk your old man to go with you and get mad. It seems like some places try it on with younger customers.

    Unless you damaged the fork or took a spanner to it I can't see how they can get away with that. Give the Honda customer relations dude a call first and then talk to consumer affairs if you don't get any joy.

    Good luck.

  3. Name the dealer
  4. what state are you in, and where did you take it for a repair?
  5. Thanks for the responses so far.

    I'm in Sydney, NSW. Bought the bike from Frasers Motorcycles, and took in back there for it's 1000k service.

    Frasers contacted Honda regarding the warranty.
  6. Sounds like crap to me. I would ring Honda myself and I am sure they will come to the party.
  7. What other said. I'd just talk to someone as high up in Honda Australia as you can. Forget the dealer plebs........if I ran that business and Honda said that, I'd fix your bike under my own "warranty".

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Give Honda a call and get up 'em. Sounds like it was just put in the too hard basket because of your age.

    I've had issues with my bike. Called Hyo, bitched and like magic the problems get sorted out.
  9. Dealer suicide..

    Unless you were a complete a$$hole to deal with when buying the bike there is no way a dealer should compromise their chances of continued service ripoffs and potential to sell another bike in 12-15 months.

    If this is true, I'd be ringing Honda directly and getting them to explain why this is the case.

    The dealer doesn't lose money on this unless they are so busy that they are turning away other business to deal with warrantly business.
  10. whats the dealers problem? forkseals are worth close to fugg all and its an hour job.
    they should replace them regardless...

    stick it to them
  11. Thanks for all your replies.

    I'm getting charged $385 for the repairs (shaft, fork Leg, fork seal kit, brake pads - from leaked fluid) on top of a $250 service.

    I've also been without my bike for over 2 weeks.

    I'll call Honda's customer service line on Monday. Following that, I'll speak with my dealer.
  12. the shaft would have a rock mark "witnees mark" on it IF it was on the road if it has no mark then it should be under warranty
  13. Honda tried this on me with my VTR250, 1000k service they had said the chain had streched, Said this was my fault so Honda would not cover it under warranty, I stood my ground and advised them this was was a load of steaming Shite!
    Spoke to the service Manager, Asked him to recontact Honda and I would like to speak to the person that declined my Warranty claim, 5 mins on the phone and they said they would honour my claim, No screaming and swearing, I was just asking how as a new bike could I have done a chain in this short amount of time, I stuck to my guns.
    Good outcome all round.

    Do not authorise the work to commence, speak to honda first.

    worst case if they refuse to help, I would park the bike out in front of the dealership with a sign on it saying "Frasers and Honda sold me this dud bike and now refuse to fix it under warranty"

    It's amazing how quickly that can snap them to attention.
  14. Mate, i think your getting stung on several fronts.

    First, it does sound like the problem should be fixed under warranty. But dont fly off your handle at them, stay calm but make it clear that its not acceptable.

    Secondly, $250 for a 1000km service is a bit rich isnt it? On a 250 they are usually either included or something like $100.

    You do realise you dont HAVE to use the dealer you bought it from, dont you?
  15. Must have streched a long way to warrant replacing the chain, but they should have done srockets at the same time.

    Chains strecth, mostly when new. That's what the adjustment are for on the swingarm. It would fit under 'maintaining you bike'.
  16. Well Ro, I made the comment that I thought the chain had to much slack and could they please check it for me, To be honest I brought it in for them to check it a day after I picked up the bike because I thought it was to loose but there mechanic said it was fine.

    they told me it was abuse that had done the damage, I still never had an explanation of how I abused the chain on a brand new bike, they tried to adjust it out, but ran out of adjustment. I don't know if the replaced the sprockets, but I got a new chain and my 1st service for free.

    it was the only drama I ever had with the chain or the dealer, up until I sold the bike I never had a problem with either again.
  17. I used to be the service manager for a pump company and frequently dealt with warranty issues for wearable items like seals - which most of the time would not be warranty, but sometimes just fail a little too soon to call it wear & tear.

    My advice as long as there is no mark on the seal or around it:
    Stick to the story that the bike has been ridden ONLY on smooth roads, you have not gone near gravel or bumpy sections of tarmac - you go over speed-humps incredibly slowly in first gear only and ride AROUND them when possible.

    Never allow or give a hint that it's even possible the bike has copped a knock on the road.

    Follow up questions include:
    - "Do fork seals on Hondas normally fail after 1000kms???"
    - "Why did you sell me a bike which would have a failure after only 1000km's?"

    Try not to be rude or threaten consumer affairs unless it's a last resort.
    Believe me, back in the day if someone was being an offensive d1ck about it, and we could prove the seal had failed due to wear, excessive temperature etc due to negligence, abuse or poor storage - we'd charge them through the nose.

    I can appreciate the brake-pads issue - pads were not faulty, only require replacement due to fluid leaking on them - as you didn't catch the leak in time.
    But most you should be up for is brake pads (parts only) and normal oil-change/service fee.

    They should do the rest under warranty. Speak to the dealer and the dealer only - Honda won't talk to you anyway.
    If you can't get satisfaction from the dealer, suggest to them that some very disappointed word of mouth will be travelling around the biker community regarding this little customer service hiccup.

    Make no mistake - Honda make exceptionally reliable and good quality equipment... the sad part is, as a result they fight warranty to protect their reputation.

    Stick to the 'no neglect or poor treatment' story and keep pushing for warranty.

    Geez I can't understand bike dealers!
    Don't they realise that new and learner bike riders are absolutely shit-scared of being ripped off or not having their bike serviced properly... and as a result, if they can find someone who they trust will give that place their business FOR LIFE.

    Dealers: The 250 you refuse to service today, is the R1 you don't sell tomorrow.
  18. Hi,
    agree totally ^^^^,
    "Dealers: The 250 you refuse to service today, is the R1 you don't sell tomorrow."
    and the bike after that and the tyres, helmet, jacket, boots, gloves, etc.

    Seems insane that they have so far refused to fix a problem on a bike with 1000 kms on it,
    "shaft, fork Leg, fork seal kit, brake pads"
    Brake pads should be the most that you pay for, and that is a bit of a stretch.
    New fork leg after 1000kms, wtf?
    sounds like a factory defect to me!

    Hope they see reason and fix it for free.

  19. Warranty terms will be a guarantee against "faulty parts or workmanship".

    As long as the fault isn't cause by damage, neglect or incorrect installation - then they have to be arguing that it's due to wear.
    1000k's old?
    Unlikely to be wear.

    That's the point you need to make.
    Unless they admit that their parts fail after only 1000k's, then they have a construction or materials issue with that part.

    Oh, BTW - (everyone) - any service situation like this, get WRITTEN service reports, reasons for failure and rejection of warranty notices.
    Verbal communication is worth SFA if you need to go to any sort of regulatory body.
  20. First service on my VTR $128.