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News Honda Wants a Computer to Teach you how to Ride

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Jan 14, 2016.

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    Computers, they’re everywhere. They’re even in watches now – what an amazing time to be alive. Honda thinks they’re so clever that they’ve lodged patents for a new computer system that is designed to teach motorcycle riders become better at what they do and it’s called the Live Computer Instructor System (we’ll dub it LCIS for short).

    The computer and sensors that make up the LCIS aren’t overly revolutionary and in fact are now found in the most recent top of the range bikes. They include gyroscopes, accelerometers and GPS, but also incorporates a camera and and recording device. The recording device is aimed to providing feedback after a rider travels the same route – which could be just as handy on the racetrack as it is on the street.

    The feedback is also provided live – if you’re getting on the throttle too late or too early, it will tell you. Same for things like lean angle, braking power and turn in points. How that feedback is provided isn’t really disclosed – there’s emphasis on a touch sensitive screen but providing instructions that necessitate taking your eyes off the road probably isn’t ideal.

    Also, the patent seems to be heavily steered towards new riders – again, we haven’t come across any manual/mechanical scenario where feedback from a computer is better than a human when it comes to learning brand new skills, especially something as tricky as riding a motorcycle.

    But applications for track racing definitely seem strong. No doubt there’s many a rider – amateur or professional – who yearns for detailed feedback and technical data when practicing on a circuit where tenths of a second become so important.


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  2. Let's take it to the next logical step. If the computer knows that you're doing something wrong, why shouldn't it intervene when you make a mistake?
  3. Lets take it to the next next step. You sit on the bike and it takes you to your destination at the exact speed limit without filtering or overtaking.


    Lets not.
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    Hang on folks.

    For a good number of years now Honda have been making efforts in to various simulator systems and training systems.

    In the real world, we've already got simulators and training systems for all sorts of stuff........ flying planes and helicopter, driving trains, driving cars, handling ships and submarines... what's wrong with the likes of Honda trying their best to improve training tools for bike riders?

    Personally, I applaud them for it.

    Just about everyone else in that (training) type of business just wrote off motorbikes as "too hard".

    I, for one, would love to see more details of their system or systems 'cos I have followed fairly new riders, and, when we stop and get to talk, it is bloody hard to go through the "remember when you faced this, and did that, ...well, you should have done this, instead."

    And, for track work, it seems a great leap forward from...here's your lap time, take a handful of brave pills and ride faster...... to getting to the stage of.....
    Turn 2, you were braking too early, turning in too late, and exiting in the wrong gear........ here's how you could do better.
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  5. Yamaha announced last year when it showed of the R1 riding robot that it was moving toward software that monitors the riding inputs of a rider to see if they are doing things "correctly" or not. 2020 R1 will just have a siri like voice yelling out stuff like "noob" and "you suck".

    Anyways their current target for 2017 is to bet Rossi, hope they have a "kick" function. lol
    Yamaha's robotic motorbike rider Motobot to take on Valentino Rossi
  6. This is just confirmation of what I've been saying for years. Honda riders are the Camry drivers of the motorcycle world.
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