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Honda VTX1300S

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by VTX, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Hi Netrider cruisers,

    I've had my Honda VTX1300s for 7 months now, have 9000ks on it, and love riding it, a great bike to own.

    I live in the Illawarra and regulary ride the 'Grand Pacific Drive"

    I'll post some pics once I get to 5 posts :roll:

  2. Here's some pics




    This is my photoshopped chrome effect pic.

  3. Oooh, nice :grin:
  4. thanks for looking South_Oz
  5. I'd almost have one of those. I'd need to take a hacksaw to those huge guards however. Otherwise Honda are not far from the mark. I might be inclined to loose the footboards too. gone off them in my old age.
  6. Welcome aboard VTX
  7. ..each his own... I quite like the retro look with the guards and footrests. it isnt supposed to be a crotch rocket.
  8. That is a beautiful machine. Green with envy.
  9. Footboards are VERY comfortable on longer rides.
  10. Looks great , love the colour
  11. thanks for looking guys. :)
  12. I love the look of these, especially with the titanium engine highlights....reckon some white-walls would look superb on this beastie.

    I've got the little brother (VT750) and find the torque a load of fun. The pulling power of that 1300 must be awesome.

    Here's a pic of my rear rack which I put on when I removed the pillion seat.
  13. Nice rack martych,
    what pipes are you running on your 750 ?
  14. The pipes are from Vance and Hines, I think they're just called 'Cruisers'.

    They're extremely loud....a bit too loud for me, especially as I work shift work and use her as a commuter. I found some 4" baffles on Ebay ($20) which fit straight in.
    Still got that nice sound but about 30% less noise.....I think my neighbors appreciate the mod :p

    The original exhaust just had to go. It looks (and weighs) like something off a Kenworth.
  15. :? :? :? :?
  16. Nice bikes in this thread.
  17. Hey VTX - How is the bike going.

    I am looking at investing in a second hand model (2007). Have you any for's and againsts that you care to tell us about?
  18. Hi Kelby... I'll jump in here and say that I have had my VTX1300 for almost 12 months and I LOVE it! It's a great ride IMO. It is effortless to ride, responds nicely to twists of the throttle and purrs along the highway with ease. Wife and I did 250k's today, Gold Coast, BrisVegas, Redcliffe, BrisVegas, Loganholme, Goldie and had a ball. Obvious things like sore butt after 1 1/2 - 2 hours, but as I understand it, they all do that! And it can be fixed with aftermarket seating I guess.


  19. sLowBrian,
    Gone and got me one. Picked it up last Thursday. 2007 so it looks identical to yours but with a screen and a front crome fender guard. Clocked up 600km and having a blast. In regards to the rear suspension, what do you recommend for setting it up.

  20. Hi Kelby,
    Congrats on the bike! Waiting on some pics now matey.....

    Setting it up?? Ummm I just left it how I found it! LOL.... I guess I have adapted to it, although I found that when my wife is on pillion, it seems to handle better!