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Honda VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gato, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. I noticed there are a number of VTR250 riders in this forum. I am looking out for one at the moment, and I would appreciate any opinions, feedback, reviews and advise regarding them (in terms of the build quality, maintenance etc).

    I have heard a lot of good about them, but someone said they are expensive to maintain. :?

    I appreciate all your feedback. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi there,
    I am an owner of a vtr250 and don't think it is a high maintenance bike at all and love my little beast. I have ridden off road bikes years ago now and this bike reminds me a bit of an off roader. I find it very comfortable and at home on it, I am looking now at upgrading unsure of what yet lol, as I keep looking for another gear.
    I think this is the sorta bike that can keep you happy for years, if you are not looking at upgrading later on, just needs another exhaust to let the v twin breath :p
    Oh and another thing it is a honda, very reliable :p
  3. It's the only learner legal bike I felt trully comfortable on. It's now become a part of me. Handles nicely, reasonable power for what it is and looks the goods.

    Top little bike.
  4. I still don't understand why NSW riders are toying with the idea of getting a 250.

    You have a list of bikes up to 650cc that you could ride and don't bother considering. If you got a 500-650cc bike, you would be less likely to sell it in a couple of years and it would last you alot longer.

    Something for you to think about.
  5. Coz we're all plebes up here. Premier State golden rule - act first, think later :p
  6. welcome to the forum gato & julian!
  7. Gato the VTR250 is an awesome little beast. Being a V-twin it keeps newbies happy well beyond the normal "learning stage". I have a few friends that have had them and they don't seem to suffer the itch to get a bigger bike as a lot of people do. It's a bike that you can grow with and it's happy to keep pumping out the fun as you learn more. I have a VTR1000 but whenever I get a chance to ride the 250 version I do, it's a blast to throw around!!! :D

  8. yeah they seem like awesome bikes to me. i've been looking for them. actually there was a nice 2002 red for sale recently, for $5000. done 16000km, not bad huh? :shock: too bad it's gone now.

    there seems to be a lot more reds than blacks for sale. i think that's because it looks cooler in black 8)


  9. Yeah, the black rocks. The 03 model came in a Matt Black just like my 1000. Looks Ace!!!! 8)

  10. I just bought a sexy red one. As yet unamed...

    $5K for 16000kms? I got mine for $5200 with 9100 kms.

    Check out the trading post online, or "Bikes for Sale" here on the website.

    Stew, Stew, Stew. Yes, you do have a very sexy VTR1000, but I can assure you, your love for "throwing around" the 250 will NOT be happening on MY bike!
  11. Think I know where it's gone! scroll up!

  12. Ohhh pleeeeeeeeassse Robyn can I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasssse have a go? :D I'll let ya ride mine when ya grow up. :LOL:

  13. NUP :p
  14. Oh, like that is it? Fine, I'll remember this little chat my dear. :p :twisted:

  15. Knightrider, was the bike from Narre Warren???
  16. Apart from that Miss Knightrider, I couldn't do much more damage to it than you have recently :p

    Running now :LOL:

  17. By the time I am able to ride your sexilicious bike, you will probably have sold it, bought a new one, sold that, and bought another one!

    I will let you sit on mine if I can sit on yours... (bike, that is...)
  18. Nup, Port Melbourne.

  19. YOU CAN SIT ON MINE ANYTIME. Oh sorry, just reread your post. Yep, sure you can jump on my bike. :oops:

    Stew :LOL:
  20. I choose to ignore this remark.

    Actually, no. I went for a big ride yesterday. Glen Iris to Mount Waverley to some place down the road for dinner, then home. Got to 64kph. I did stall it at the lights before turning right :oops:

    The only visible damage is the scratch. I fixed the brake lever! :p