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QLD Honda VTR250

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by ryannnno, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. 20150704_135759. 20150704_140104. 20150721_093844. Hey all, my first bike which I only had for a month has been stolen! Its a red 1998 Honda VTR250.
    It was taken overnight from a 'secure' basement carpark at my unit complex in Gaythorne/Mitchelton area. It was there at 10am Sunday 16th August and gone by 6am Monday. fcukers smashed the ignition barrel off and cut what I think is part of the steering lock with a hacksaw...both of which they left for me to discover and for the police to examine. I cant see them keeping this in one piece so I am keeping an eye on any dodgy parts being sold on the net. A warning to any other new riders of what these fcukers can do, I had no idea of the lengths they went to, to steal a 17 year old 250!

    Anyway all the best to you all... and hopefully this guy wrapped himself around a light post on the way home!

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  2. Very sorry to hear your gorgeous bike has been stolen. Especially only having had it for a month. That's really sad.
  3. I reckon..it had been in the family awhile too, got it off my brother who now owns the harley in the 2 pics..so pretty bloody pissed! Now to invest in another one i guess...and various security measures!
  4. Absolute cnuts
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  5. Yes, but unfortunately if they want it, they'll get it from what I've been hearing. I carry a lock with me when I go into Melbourne or have to park anywhere other than home. And even then I'll constantly check on it.
  6. Ive been hearing that too.. now they know I have a bike, know where I live and unfortunately its the only place a have to park it. Can you buy a motorbike sized safe? :p
  7. feel sorry for you mate.
    secure car parks are the worst place to leave a bike unfortunately.
  8. exactly what the copper said
  9. I'm seeing a market for them. Hmm....
  10. I was thinking about the possibility of substituting a small garden shed and bolting it to concrete or a wall. They're a bit flimsy, but it may add another level of hassle to stealing something which could be enough to deter someone. Also, they don't see 'a bike', but a shed.
  11. Geez people are desperate these days. Is it really worth the crime?
  12. There's a couple of companies making sheds with cages in them - works very well IMO.
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  13. I know the sickening feeling going out and finding your bike isn't there. I'm hugely sorry for you. At 17 years old, you're right, it will have been parted out, and is unlikely to be returned, so I hope you have insurance.

    A lot of vehicles are stolen to order, and most security stuff only slows them a little. They have all sorts of gear, and bikes are light for 2 or 3 burly guys, and even easier if they have a skateboard for each wheel.

    Sadly, comprehensive insurance is the best way to avoid loss, even if it doesn't prevent loss of your bike.

    As the saying goes about overseas travel, that if you can't afford the insurance, you can't afford the trip, it is getting that way with vehicles.
  14. That's such an awful thing to happen. I can't believe the lengths they went to get it.

    I actually live somewhat nearby to Mitchelton/Gaythorne so I will keep an eye out for it.