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Honda VTR250 What's the best aftermarket pipe?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by papakon, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. I recently acquired a VTR250 and I want to fit an aftermarket pipe that will give me that nice V2 rumble. I want to be heard on the road for obvious saftey reasons, to be seen is one thing, but being heard will draw attention to you.

    Anyway, I've looked at Staintune, Madaz & Megacycle. They all seem to make a quality pipe, but it's hard to decide on which one to get.


    Stainless or Carbon? any benefits here to one or the other apart from looks? Performance? Servicing?

    Noise level, the louder the better, but within the "I can get away with it", if I get pulled over by the fuzz. :wink:

    What's involved in getting the pipe fitted, is it a straight chop and fit or do any of these guys (Staintune, Madaz & Megacycle) perform a re-jet and dyno test for the best possible performance?

    Price, what would it cost, who offers the best deal or the best place to get it done?
  2. what about micron? not sure if they have one for VTR250..
  3. I recommend the Staintune (it's on my VTR250) as it makes a fantastic sound, although the price tag is steep. However I haven't heard the Madaz or Megacycle pipes on a VTR250. Talk to Scrambles he got a guy to make him a custom pipe for around $300, he will make it whatever shape you want and it sounds good (probably even better with the baffles out).

    Definitely get the stainless, carbon fibre just looks rubbish in my opinion. Just get some metal polish and keep it blindingly shiny and you can't go wrong.

    As for putting it on the dyno and possibly rejetting there is absolutely no point. It's a basic 250 engine, there will be no real performance increase with it the pipe just makes it sound absolutely brilliant :).
  4. +1 for Madaz

    Craftsmen quality and materials, fantastic sound.
  5. I had the Megacycle and it sounded like a 600, bloody awesome pipe. But there is no a lot of difference between them all, v-twins sound great with a pipe.
  6. I have seen the MADAZ can at New World Honda Berwick, looks like a quality item. Was not installed on a bike though , so I don't know what they sound like.

    I don't actually mind the look of the Carbon pipe, it suits the bike better being matt black. I guess if weight was an issue and I was modifying a race bike, I would consider a carbon fiber can. I like the look of the stainless, keeps the original look of the bike.

    Anyone have the MADAZ that could give us a bit of info? or even any other cans that they know will give me what I want. :cool: Loud !!!
  7. A bong :rofl: ...pipe...get it?
  8. My VTR has the megacycle and sounds AWESOME!
  9. Mine has the Staintune and it sound fantastic! Like a mini 650! nothing better than going through a tunnel and revving it just to hear her roar :wink:

    ...cant wait for an actual 650 to go with the sound :p
  10. Way back when I had a VTR250(Oh, who am I f&*^ing kidding - a year and a half ago) I had a Staintune put on it. Sounded great, looked great. Couldn't say it made the bike any punchier but then I had only been riding about 3 months when I changed the can so what would I have known! Not sure how it works in Vic but I was in SA at the time and in regards to noise infringements, if I had taken the baffle out and let her sing, and the Police had pulled me over, all I had to do was take it to get inspected, by which time I would have replaced the baffle and would pass the test. Not sure if other states give on the spot fines for baffles being out/obvious noise breaches.
  11. Just got a vtr myself so i was just asking the same question. Have seen vids of vtr2fiddys with nice lumpy sounding exhausts but i dunno what brand they are but i know the potential..

    Staintune is sounding like the option i'll prob go for (bit pricey on a 250 thou) coz Bill's motorcycles in the city (Adelaide) stocks em + they have removeable baffle. I heard somewhere that they smooth out the note a little but most people reckon all the popular cans are kinda similar.

    Also, does anyone know of other aftermarket jobs that have removable baffle like Staintune? Let us know what exhaust you end up gettin.
  12. Megacycle all the way. Alot of people dont recomend buying pipes for 250's but i do. Pipes same lives no matter what bike you ride.
  13. In regard to aftermarket exhausts for 250cc, has anyone heard of two US brands by the name of Muzzys and Two Brothers Racing?

    I am thinking to get the Two Brothers Racing dual pipes (fit straight-on, no mods required) from the States for my GPX. :)
  14. Two Brothers Racing are a major pipe manufacturer.

    They produced the stock track pipe that you could fit on the Daytona 675, should say something about their reputation.
  15. When did you get it done and how much did it cost you? I've been told that Megacycle also dyno tune the whole seup was this the case with yours?
  16. had a megacycle on my gt250r. Sounded nuts. Good quality and fit. I've heard a lot of good reports aboout the guys.
    Get carbon for a bike you want to sell and stainless for a bike you want to keep.
    The carbon will fade in time and usually isn't UV resistant.
    Carbon pipes need to be stuffed with glass which also means repacking over time (heat kills the can)
    Steel pipes can be stuffed with stainless and usually don't need repacking.
    I was looking at Leo Vince cans for the VFR but love the sound of the staintunes (plus they're aussie made)
  17. Dude, dyno-tuning a 250 is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.
  18. ...or a sack full of busted a*seholes.....
    ....or a flyscreen on a submarine......
    ...or...sorry i'll stop now
  19. I didn't get it done it was already on the bike when I brought it so can't answer your questions there.

    The guy I brought it off had it all setup in the shop before he picked it up (brought brand new).

    I'm deaf but damn it sounds great even with my hearing aids off! :)
  20. Alright I get the picture. :oops:

    Anyway, I guess I should have explained why I was enquiring about the dyno tune in the first place. I'm sure that my engine is running rich for some reason. So, I thought while I'm getting the pipe done I could get it on the dyo and sort it out. Might have been an expensive way to sort out what might just be a slight adjustment in the end, but hey it's only money :wink: !!

    When I bought the bike the previous owner had the 1000km first service already done at 840kms, I bought it at 1040kms. I'm asuming the fuel system was checked, mixtures, filters, etc.

    Went to see Ken at Megacycle, nice bloke. Gave me a look at a pipe he had made for a customer with a VTR250 that hasn't picked it up yet. Looked like a quality item for $500, think i'll part with some dollars and get one too.