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Honda VTR250 vs. Hyosung GTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Investigating..., Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Looking at buying a bike at present...I am between the Honda VTR250 and Hyosung GTR250...Does anyone have any thoughts about the two bikes? What would you choose between the two and why etc.

  2. Get the Honda. Do a search for "Hyosung" and you'll quickly understand why.
  3. Thanks! Will do.
  4. :WStupid:
  5. both gutless but vtr
  6. You're looking at 2 different bikes.
    Try them both out and make up your own mind :wink:
    There are plenty of happy owners of both bikes.
    I've not ridden either and I'm not as closed minded as some :eek:
  7. But I have ridden them both and also own them both and can honesty say that the GT250 is a piece of crap and the VTR is fantastic. The VTR is reliable, has heaps of punch and has a decent parts and after sales service backup. The Hyosung doesn't. It breaks down regularly and will spend more time in the mechanics than it will actually be on the road.

    Buy the Hyo at your peril.
  8. There you go OP. A sample of 1 :LOL:
    The upquoted parts of my post still stand however :wink:
  9. go the VTR.

    I have owned a GT650 for a year now, of that I had it for 4 months they've had it for 8.