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Honda VTR250 vs. CB250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Honda24, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. I'm a learner upgrading from a scooter to a motorbike and wanted to get the CB250 because I love the look and learnt on it. But I have had people tell me that it's "ok" or to not get it at all :p
    So I'm thinking of getting the VTR250 but I really need to know if the sitting position on the VTR is the same as the CB?

    When I look at pictures of the VTR the handlebars look like they are lower than the CB but I can't tell. I'm after a high sitting position beacuase I don't want to be leaning over on the bike at all if I can help it.

    Anybody seen both in real life and can help me out?

  2. I have ridden both, and no, there isn't a huge difference, if at all.

    Go try both of them at a dealer or something :)
  3. I've ridden both, IMO buy the VTR.
  4. Learnt on the CB, own a VTR - the Riding position on the VTR is a slight lean forward compared to the CB, but not much. The VTR is a better bike all round, hands down, no contest. IMHO
  5. If budget is a major consideration then the CB250 represents good value. The VTR is a better performer and more fun, but your money also has to include your gear so if you wind up on a CB it won't be the end of the world. They're well made, and if you choose carefully, you can get a good one at much better money than a VTR.
  6. Looking at the most important aspects of the bike - the VTR is much, MUCH sexier...

    So that pretty much settles it.
  7. Haha! If the VTR is sexier then of course i Have to get that one :p

    I have found VTR's for sale online that are still affordable so budget is no problem. Probably a good idea to go sit on one at a dealer and get a feel for it.

    Thanks a lot for your help everyone :)
  8. The VTR is a real looker and best of all it's a very easy bike to ride with more than enough go to give you a silly grin.
    You'll eventually get bored with it but by then you should be ready for the next step up.
  9. Thanks Oscar.

    Yeah I really just need something now as I have no wheels and I need to get some practice in before my learner's expires in January.
  10. Another rider on a vtr then.

    do we get commission from vtr sellers yet?
  11. I did my learners on a CBF250 & then bought a VTR250 & found the VTR even easier to ride than the CBF (I know you are asking about the CB250). Just sold the VTR a week ago but I know of someone else with one for sale if your interested.

  12. Mm, the CB250 has a slightly more "standard" and upright position than the VTR250, feet more forward and slightly higher handlebars.

    VTR250 has the legs tucked in a bit more sportily. It's still a very "standard" seating position though, compared to a fully-faired sportsbike. The VTR250 nestles into that half-way territory where it's possible to sit upright for comfort and hunker down for sporty riding.

    The VTR250's got way way wayyyyyyyy more power, too, something like 32hp or 34hp vs 20hp. Better brakes (especially the rear brake).

    CB250 would be a good commuter; cheap, reliable, very 'standard' riding position. I think hands-down the VTR is the superior bike by a large margin, though. More power (which gives it more flexibility at freeway speeds), better brakes, nicer looks, thumpa-thumpa V-twin sound and more capable on interesting roads. :)

    Of course, the VTR250 is a more expensive bike than the CB250, so the "bang for buck" ratio is something the OP will have to decide for themselves.

    (Disclosure: I had a VTR250 for my learner bike; did my learner permit test and restricted-license tests on CB250)
  13. They're both 250s. Buy the cheapest and put the change towards getting a proper bike when you're allowed one.
  14. Hehe!

    Whitey I would be interested, but I haven't raised enough money yet.

    I hear what you're saying Spots. Main reason I considered the VTR is because I will be making long freeway trip to my bf's place- I live in Inner NW Suburbs, he's in outer East suburbs. So I need something that will sit comfortably at 100km.

    SO yeah, I'm going to go with the VTR. Especially since seat position is not much different. Excellent!
  15. Ninja 250r :p

    I have ridden CB & VT and agree the VT feels/seemed to ride better. And yeh looks a damn sight nicer in my opinion! I learnt on a ZZR250 so have a soft spot for the baby Kwacka's. The only reason I didn't get a VTR to learn on was the price - I got a kick ass deal on the baby z (which at standard RRP was comparable in price)
  16. Did my L and P's on the CB250 and now riding a VTR250, I would say VTR250 is better due to it feeling a much more 'solid' bike for me.
  17. Ooooo pretty *sigh*