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Honda VTR250 -> radiator Fan

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by calisleo, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I just got a 2nd hand bike when i was doing a thorugh check at home before taking for a ride i notice the 10A fuse i missing from fuse box for Radiator Fan.

    When i put in the 10A fuse and start the bike the Radito Fan still not working. and i take a quick look at fuse box the metal contact in fuse box where u insert the fuse.

    So any Honda VTR250 owner, is the radiator fan suppose to work or just for show. And is essential to fixed it.

  2. it's more essential in summer than winter. The fan only spins when the engine goes above a certain temperature, so is not in constant use.
  3. Even if the fan is working, it will only run when motor reaches pre-set tempriture. You could hot wire fan to battery to check if its working. if it is, take it for a run to worm up, then let it tick over at about 2000 revs. when temp gauge gets past three quaters fan should turn on. ( I'm sure others will offer better advise :wink: )
  4. i have a feeling my spada has beet shorted to run all the time..... :?

    will have to check next time i start her up.
  5. The radiator fan should only start up when the coolant gets over 100 C.

    It should only reach these temps in warm wetaher when siting in traffic (no air flow over the radiator).
  6. if you sit in traffic in summer days, youll need it. otherwise you wont. they are fairly cool running engines, either that or they are overcooled. my fan switch wont be hit between feb and november.

    fan cut in is 98 degrees
    fan cut out is 93 degrees
    temp warning light comes on 112 degrees

    quoted from workshop manual.
    id be checking every inch of your bike, to make sure that something more important isnt missing

  7. if you earth the thermostat wire, the fan should start working
  8. I checked my radiator fan un-intentionally. I found that when I come home I then I rev up to abt 7000rmp for a few seconds and the radiator fan would turn on.

    For normal use with this air temperature the radiator fan wouldnt turn on.