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Honda VTR250 or Kawasaki GPX250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by driekus, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Hi
    Im new to riding and am looking at my first bike. I have narrowed it down to the GPX250 or VTR250
    It is a really difficult decision to make since costs are similar and I like the look of both, I like the ride of both bikes. Any suggestions? Iam only going to be in the country for a few more years so am not looking at upgrading to big bike till I move overseas so I am chasing something that will keep me happy. At this stage im also looking at purchasing new, have insurance quotes for $350(VTR) and $440 (GPX) comprehensive.

  2. Mate i would think resale on the VTR would make it a better option ,after all it is a (Honda of course) 8)
  3. Hi peter , welcome to the forum . I agree with lodger . go the vtr :D
  4. Yeah it looks like the VTR is starting to win out.
    Another interesting question that I cant find covered elsewhere is how much of a discount would you expect considering Im looking to buy the bike, protective gear and performance exhaust which come to a total of approximately $10500 including rego and stamp duty. This is going by retail price of the protective equiptment, packs, etc. Iam putting a similar package deal to forward to the kawasaki dealership for comparison. If the honda dealer doesnt give me any discount and the kawasaki dealer gives me a substantial discount it would probably shift me to the gpx. Is there a standard amount they have to play with, ie 10%.

  5. The best bet is to shop around for prices on the gear - Ask each place "What's the best price you can do on the? (boots/jacket/gloves etc)"
    Add it up yourself, then when you're looking at buying the bike, ask them what's the best price they'll do on the bike - and then "What about gear?" and see what they can offer....
    Bargaining works wonders - the best "deal" with gear + bike might not be as good as just buying the bike and getting the gear separate. :)
  6. What Kez said then when ya get a final price throw in how much off for cash!
  7. The VTR250 is a better bike all round. Went through the same deliberations a few months ago. More modern design and I suspect better chance of a troublefree long life. Only shortcoming up to last month or so is lack of tacho. It now has one.

    Much is made of the value of "the package" when purchasing a bike with all the gear. I found you could do better by picking the eyes out of the bargains, particularly in Elizabeth St.
  8. Finally took delivery of my new VTR250 and got a good discount rate on the accessories much better than quotes I got elsewhere. It rides like a dream and is cheap to insure ($380 swann insurance 25yr cat 1). Anyone got the aftermarket exhaust, the dealership im talking to will do it for $685 including installation. Does it make a significant difference to performance and noise?
  9. Go the VTR.
  10. VTR rules!

    Just got my '02 Red VTR and love it to death. I looked at the ZZR, ZXR and the Across, and for ther age and money the VTR leaves them for dead. Getting 250+ k's per tank and it feels great in the twists and turns.....a great ride for a 250.

    Good luck.
  11. Good choice with the VTR.

    As for your after market exhaust, it will probably make your bike sound more like a beast and less like a sewing machine, which is worth the money in my opinion. :) I'm not convinced it'll improve performance significantly though.

    Also, it might be worth shopping around, as $685 seems a bit expensive.

  12. Yikes, that seems a bit expensive. I told the dealer to swap the remus exhaust from another bike to mine, costed me $300 inc installation.
  13. Advice from an old fella:

    The VTR will give you a better return on your money when you want to upgrade to a bigger bike. However, if the GPX is cheaper, you will be able to save more for the bigger bike.

    Choose whichever option will give you more money for the trade up when you get bored with the 250cc.

    Either way, don't go cheap on your helmet, gloves and jacket: you'll probably have them a lot longer than your first bike.
  14. VTR! I've seen those things keep up quite a speed...
  15. Alright, this is going to hurt...

    Honda's suck

    GO THE KAWA!!! :)