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Honda VTR250 or Ducati Monster 600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jassono, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Hey folks, I've been looking around for info on these two bikes, and was wondering what you all thought :)

    I'm on my Learners, and I've narrowed my options down to two bikes. The power is not such a concern to me, in fact I do want to err on the side of caution, but if it looks like a lucky bargain, I can't ignore it right?

    I have the chance to nab a 2000 M600 Dark that's done 70,000km for $4950
    Or a 2006 Honda VTR250 with 24,000km, for $4200

    hopefully both can be haggled within reason (especially given that the redbook valuation on the Duke has it ~4000), but in terms of learning, urban riding, and maybe most importantly, something I will sell in a few months, what do you guys think is the better option?
    By a few months I mean March, unless by then I can afford to keep the bikes and I secure my summer job into something longer term

    Either way, what are some pros and cons I should be considering? The mileage on the Duke seems high, despite on average that's 5000km a year - i worry this might hurt its resell options

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm very new to the bikes thing, and I know that some self-maintenance can help defray some expenses, but in terms of the Italians, sometimes the electrical components may be a bit iffy, is that right?
  2. how bad is the turning circleof the Duc?
  3. I would buy the Honda though I think I would like it better at $3500

    70000kms is a lot for a 90s Ducati. If it's a toy and you have a couple grand in case it blows it might be ok
  4. I've heard that it isn't the best turning circle.. that may be cause for concern, though I'm willing to spend time learning the ins and outs of slipping the clutch, maybe changing the front cog, which I've heard can help with low speed manoeuvring

    I do feel like the smart thing to do is go for the Honda, but the sound on the Ducati is so intoxicating. (head v heart :-() Though if you think that's high mileage for a 90s bike, in a few months it'll be no better off for me as a seller. Maybe I should wait a little later for something like this
    And surprisingly a few VTR250s JUST got away from me for around $4000. Of course I'd love it at $3500, but I think the seller would have more cards to play than me, given that similar bikes are/were around 4000 on bikesales

  5. advertised for 4.. not necessarily what they sold for :)
  6. True! haha but I'm hopeless at haggling .. if anything I'll end up offering more. such a sucker sometimes
  7. Take someone else along to stop you doing that
  8. VTR, save your self some money and hassle.
  9. This trumps everything imho.

    All of those doubts you have about the Ducati - reliability, practicality, resale, etc - everyone else in the market shares them. And being the Learner market, they'll be more influenced by those doubts than, say, more experienced riders who can adapt to different bikes and know their way around a valve clearance check.

    And when your other option is as good a bike as a VTR250, it's a no-brainer. Buy it, learn on it, enjoy it, serve out your restrictions and then get rid of it for not much less than you paid for it. Stick a cheap pipe on it if you want a good noise - it's no Ducati, but it's still one of the nicer-sounding 250's out there.

    So yeah, the advice from this Ducati rider: buy the Honda.
  10. enough said
  11. I would go with the Honda. I still have a lot of fun on my 250 Honda and have a Goldwing that I can ride. Big is not always better.
  12. We have both a VTR 250 and Ducati M600. The VTR is lighter and easier to ride, especially in the city. It's tiresome on freeways which is where the Ducati is better. Service and parts will be cheaper for the VTR. The Ducati's still a nice bike but, for learning, I'd recommend the VTR.
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  13. This does make a lot of sense to me, thank you for putting it like this

    I'm very glad I looked at this thread again, I was literally an hour away from going out and having a look at ANOTHER Monster, an M620, that just popped up on bikesales
    $5500, 2003, 47,000km (that's not bad ey)

    Upon seeing all of your replies, I decided to wait for the right VTR to be listed
    Funnily enough, a matte black one (I like it black 8-|) was listed days ago on Gumtree... It's pretty funny how that works out. Hope this is the one

    Thank you everyone for your advice! I'm keen to get riding asap
    Better not be a dud :3:3
  14. Hondas don't know how to die lol.
  15. I've an 05' VTR and I swear that thing is indestructible! One of the best 250cc learner bikes out there :)
  16. [​IMG]

    fcuk yeah that was the best first ride

    picked her up right after work, learnt clutch control after a few laps of Paddington... then hit the main road and went straight through the CBD. Stalled, crept at snail's pace, apologised to cars profusely and had to point wildly at the L plate
    But I made it home :D

    Really happy with this bike, I love the way it feels and definitely the way it looks

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  17. Congratulations pal! ride safe
  18. VTR250 is a great bike, you made the right choice.
  19. Vtr all the way. Much better quality than the ducati, especially given en the kks.

    Vtrs are almost bulletproof! I'm glad you made the right choice.

    ENJOY it