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Honda VTR250 mirrors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Bigchief, May 5, 2008.

  1. I find my 2006 Honda VTR250's mirrors really bad. No matter which way I turn the mirrors, I cannot for the life of me see the traffic behind me. My wife, who also rides the bike, has the same problem.

    This past Saturday we went out for a ride and I rented a CB250 from Bikescape. Those mirrors are awesome!! I could just about see everything behind me, in the lane next to me etc.

    My question is - anyone know whether those mirrors would fit a VTR250, or could anyone recommend some better mirrrors for the VTR

  2. Have a look at the mirrors on a 250 Hornet mate..
    Mine are great for viewing traffic behind me ( 3 lanes worth )
  3. I am going through the same exercise with my KLE which also has crap mirrors (round).

    I asked at Sydney City Motorcycles and they were very helpful. Firstly, mirrors from a major manufacturer are going to be expensive, secondly there are aftermarket mirrors available but trying to work out which ones would fit and be what you are looking for is an impossible task especially as they don't keep a stock of such things. The best advice they gave me is to go to a bike wreckers, they will have tubs of them and you can go through and find some that a) fit and b) are the size/shape you want.

    Good luck!

  4. Cheers for the feedback guys.
    Will check it out.
  5. I solved my problem with the VTR's mirrors, i.e. being unable to see what's directly behind me. I was in MCAS a while ago and then got an idea when I looked at a particular set of blindspot mirrors. I bought these little rectangular ones, and then mounted them in exactly the opposite way they normally tell you to.

    So I have them mounted:
    * On the outside rather than inside of the mirror
    * Thicker side facing outwards

    I then push my mirrors further outwards so that the bikes mirrors gives me a wider view of the lanes on either side.
    The blindspot mirrors (in the position they are) give me a perfect view of the lanes directly next to me, AND...taa daaa....the traffic directly behind me!

  6. I thought i'd drag this up again because this little trick saved my life in my scooter days. retard behind me locked up his tyres and ended up with his bonnet well into where i was, before i nailed it down the sidewalk from a red light.

    Very worthwhile little modification.
  7. I'm glad this thread came up again. I've only been riding since January and am on a 2003 VTR 250. The mirror situation has always been one of my biggest issues. The best I can achieve is to see some way along the lanes to the left or right of my lane - I can never see anything directly behind me. When sitting in traffic in my cage behind other bikes, I can usually see their helmets in their mirrors, so I figured they could also see me behind them! I thought it might have just been due to my bulk that I couldn't see cars in the lane directly behind but from what I read in this thread it seems to be an issue with VTRs and their mirror set-up. I'm definately going to look into changing my mirrors. Curious to hear from other VTR riders as to what they have experienced and done about it.
  8. I just lean a little to the side when I want to see behind me. No harder than a head check.
  9. have the same problem also.. i thought it was just my mirrors? lol or maybe there was something wrong with the way i did things, i would like to replace mirrors also (rather than adding the little one on the corner) there is lots of generic mirrors on ebay which may do the part. might give them a go
  10. As I indicated, I think my bulk procludes me from making this method effective. I feel like my mirrors need to extend out a bit further to allow enough angle to reflect the lane behind me. Do other VTR riders think this would work?

  11. just those extra 2 cms.. so you can justttttttt turn it a little bit more towards you to see behind you. but yeah i guess maybe getting mirrors with different magnification would also help.. not sure? just a suggestion, any experts on mirrors? ( there is a set of black mini mirrors which look OK on ebay, thought it doesnt exactly say if they have diff magnification)
  12. i think i know which mirrors you're talking about

    black mini mirrors with 10mm bolts right off ebay right??

    i picked them up for 20 odd dollars

    trying to put them in myself atm, darn hard to get the current ones off!