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Honda VTR250 Leaking petrol

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by jassono, May 28, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm sorry if this is something already posted here
    But im dreadfully hopeless with bike anatomy, so I can't say exactly what the problem is nor can I tell if another thread has a solution to my problem

    I have a 2006 VTR 250
    I hadn't ridden my bike for a while, and just left it there (should I have done something with its oil/petrol/reserve?) (It had a screw in the tyre which I didn't take out or patch up... I just pumped the tyre every time I rode it and it lasted me a day LOL) :( horrible i know...

    anyway, I started her up one day and it started leaking petrol from the underside
    I've attached photos, up close and at a distance

    I've thought about calling a mechanic to come and pick it up and fix it,
    But before I do that, is there anything I should be aware of, like if I'm being jipped

    I would love to do this myself if it's not too difficult, but sadly I think I would pay for the convenience

    If anyone could give me pointers or point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated!!



  2. leak is at bottom of carb (but could be from higher up)
    your red arrow points to the top hose clamp. the two hose clamps go on a very short rubber pipe that connects the carby to the intake port in the head

    the top hose clamp may be a bit loose...
    or the fuel bowl(bottom of carb where the fuel sits) may be leaking..
    or could be leaking from the fuel pipe from carb to fuel tank..


  3. or is it leaking from this red line?
    this is the split between fuel bowl (at bottom) and the rest of the carb above it.
    it has a gasket, and if the screws have come loose it could leak there
  4. Thanks for the prompt reply!

    Hmm I'll have to check later today, by running the engine
    God I'm aching for a ride.... this weather is just too good to let it sit in the back gathering dust :(
  5. Hope the tyre is fixed. If not do it immediately.
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  6. In time, you may find out about the fuel leak and fix it yourself.
    Agree with others and fix your tyres first.
    You can get the mechanic to look at the fuel issue whilst there.
  7. I vote mechanic. Tyre fixed, chain maintenance, petrol leak sorted and serviced. It is a jap 250 so the fuel leak should be an easy fix. Mate, pay attention to your tyres they are so important in keeping your skin, bones and blood where they should be.