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Honda VTR250 how much new?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by blade5, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I am wondering how much is reasonable for a brand new Honda VTR250 (07 compliance). The price I have been quoted is

    8500 on road which includes 650 dollars worth of equipment.

    is this reasonable>

  2. 2007
    Price when new (RRP) $7,990
    Trade in price guide $3,400 - $4,100
    Private price guide $4,900 - $5,800

    Price when new (RRP) $7,990
    Trade in price guide $3,700 - $4,400
    Private price guide $5,300 - $6,300

    So including on-roads (stamp duty, some rego, and $650 of equip) its borderline reasonable yes.

    Consdier that secondhand 07 models with sweet FA on the clock, and mufflers etc, are going for about $6k-$6.5k though? I think you could be wiser with your money.
  3. We've been looking - took one for a test ride from the local Honda dealer and it had 50k on the clock & still went really well. I wouldn't commit though, as was looking at a private sale one the following day. He got all pushy and said "What about a new one?" They were listed on the floor at $6990 + ORC (down from $7990 + ORC). I said we were only looking to spend up to $6k. He asked me to hang on a tick. Came back from talking with the boss and said:"We've got a new on still in the crate out back, it's your's fot $5990 + ORC! WTF? He wanted an answer there and then!
    I still said no.
    Next day I went to look at the private sale - as new, only 1300k on the clock & balance of warranty. Offered $5800, got it for $5900. Given that ORC + delivery fee etc would have made the new one close to $7k, I'm happy that we got a bargain.

    Go hard with the dealer - the new model in Europe is fuel-injected, so they're probably keen to move new ones out the door fast here in Oz, so they can clear stock before the new model arrives.
  4. What, there are still new VTR250's around?
  5. jisk : Yes, not produced this year but still some stock left over. Few and far between.

    Official word at the moment is that they *will not* be bringing the vtr 250 in . PRobably too pricey now with the cb400 as a direct competitor. Pity.
  6. Given that the rego. and insurance premiums have not moved now that mild mannered LAMS bikes are well and truly on the market (as opposed to the death trap of a same bike if you remove the restrictor), I think there is still room for decent 250cc bikes in the marketplace.
  7. would not pay over $7,500 +ORC. even then i'd haggle it down a bit.
    its 07! 2 years old now. HAGGLE HAGGLE.

    or simply buy 2nd hand, alot better value if youk eep your eyes open and know what to look for.

    good choice of bike though, i love em! on my 4th one :LOL:
  8. But still exactly the same bike and still with everything that comes with a brand new bike, eg warranty.

    You have much to learn youngun' ;)

    ever thought about a change? much better bikes out there.
  9. How much are on road costs usually?
  10. Check with your (ACT) transport department, Here in QLD it is registration transfer (3% of the purchase price), some duty about $20 and registration renewal if it is due to.
  11. Been considering 2nd hand.
    Going to look at
    a 2001 yellow vtr250 with 21,000 km's. Oggy knobs, aftermarket pipe.

    The guy listed it at 5900.

    Any idea how much this is actually worth, assuming its all in good cond.
  12. But it's not the same as buying a brand new bike because it's been sitting around for two years!
  13. not true..

    fuel injected VTR250i will be here before the end of the year
  14. wot he said :)

    much better naked Vtwin LAMS bikes, with a good range tank, reliability, and decent handling? i think not :p

    once i come of restrictions, and can afford it, thats another story...
  15. I doubt it. Even so, for less than $10k?
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if the new VTR250 came to our shores sans the fuel injection.
    Our cheaper bikes (ie Ninja 250R) never get the fuel injection its European counterparts do because it wouldn't give the bike competitive pricing in our market.
  17. Dealer today said theres no plans as yet.
  18. The dealer I spoke to yesterday said more than likely the end of the year or early next year for the injected VTR.
    Guess we'll have to wait & see.

  19. :roll: - I (up until today) worked for Honda.. new model releases were discussed at Vic dealer meeting last week..
    VTR250i confirmed as arriving late this year..

    mmkay :cool:
  20. Ended up getting a 2nd hand vtr250.
    Thankyou everyone for the help