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Honda VTR250 Exhausts on YouTube

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by RedHelmet, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Just putting together a list of the clips I've found with the various aftermarket exhausts that people have put on their VTR250s.

    Keen to fit one on mine so getting an idea of the potiential sound.

    Maybe I'm tone deaf but I really never noticed "250s with TERRIBLE exhausts in Sydney?"



    Stock + Moriwaki Zero SS Ano


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  3. The nicest one i've heard on youtube so far is the Staintune. Expensive though

  4. i may know where a reasonably priced brand new staintune is in vic.....
  5. I've just been browsing online at the moment and can see the Ixil exhausts on eBay/Screaming Demon. However for the >'09 bikes they sell full exhaust systems only and not just the slip-on muffler.



    I assume the difference is the O2 sensor in the pipes but isn't that before the place where you cut the pipe to install a slip-on? Does anyone know if EFI models can fit a slip on?
  6. nope,
    in my experience the o2 sensor is usually in the muffler,
    it can be blocked off with bungs though...

    yes, slip on's can be fitted to an efi bike,
    however depending on the bike and the parimeters set for the ecu to auto-adjust a piggy back ecu may be needed (like a power commander).
    but the majority of the time its not needed for just a slip on, it will run okay but may pop and fart
    (a full system is different, yet to find one that doesnt need a full tune to run correctly)

    this is most likely why they only sell a slip on for the efi... not many people want to fork out an extra $300 for a piggy back ecu + tune to fit cheap(ish) pipes.
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  8. Picking mine up very soon and you put a thread up like this!

    Edit: gundy beat me too the link.
  9. I see my vid made it on to the page lol, ive got the IXIL system. Its ok though not great sounding above 6k and fitment is a pain.

    I have the whole system on my EFI, seems ok so far, on cold cycle it does pop a bit but once its warmed up its ok, was going to get it tuned but not really worth it on a 250 lol.
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    Hey, that's nice looking carbon muffler. They do sound good at idle and low revs (as they all seem to do) but I haven't see any vids where revs are held above 6k for any long period of time. Any chance you could post one up?

    The Ixil system does look attractive as it appeared to be a bolt on full system without needing to cut the original pipe (making it easier to restore to stock config) and the muffler is available in different finishes (stainless, black, carbon).

    What I want in a muffler:
    Great sound - a bit louder than stock and brings out the beating sound of the V-twin
    No decrease in performance - don't expect any increase without being tuned
    Ease of fitment/replacement - ease of resale/pink slip

    I wonder if there is anything out there that can will satisfy me without costing more than 10% of the bike!
  11. Thats the main reason i got the IXIL as it was a direct fit and i kept the old system whole. It does sound good cruising around but im not a big fan of the midrange noise LOL

    Performance is about the same across the midrange, topend seems a little better. Ill edit a video and upload it for you :)

    Overall the IXIL is ok, though there were fitment issues that irked me to summarize my installation:

    - Muffler mounting bolt needed to be 10mm longer
    - Rear header pipe clamp was too big - wouldn't clamp down
    - Instructions are pathetic...
    - You must remove the OEM graphite gasket from the rear header pipe

    The graphite gasket can be purchased from Honda for $20 though it would have been easier if they just flared the pipe out to the same size as factory to seal properly using OEM gasket. As is you can only fit it up to the stock header pipe with some goop. You also need a new copper gasket ring for the front header pipe, they are a couple of dollars just have one on hand if you don't want the bike off the road :)
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  12. sold my vtr with staintune 2 days ago :(