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Honda Vtr250 and training question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by arsenalroc, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. hey guys,

    i am new to this forum. been reading it over the last few weeks because i been hit by the riding bug( my friends CBR600rr). being a pillion on it and now i want to learn how to ride!. i want to get a Vtr250 cause it seems to be a fairlu decent bike to learn on but i cant seem to find any performance info on it such as top speed,0-100km/h and stuff like that. If any of you could help me.. would be great! and i was wondering what the cost of Q-ride ( i live in brisbane)would be and if anybody has done it with RIDESMART and could share their experience! thanks guys!

  2. I _think_ these figures are somewhat close:
    0-100 = 9secs ~
    top speed = 160km/h ~
    power = 20 something kW
    looks = hot.

    But those figures you shouldnt focus on too much. If you want to go faster, practice more and become a better rider.

    QRIDE for me was $270 (normally $300 but i got a 10% uni discount) that was including hiring their bike (cb250). I also had a few private lessons at $50 a hit because i had never ridden before.

    I went through rising sun honda in townsville, and i found jamie and rob to be quite competent instructors and teachers.

    Best bet is to call them up and find out their prices however. IMO get your license then buy a bike, its easier to see if you like it when you can take it for a test ride and not get in trouble :p
  3. yea lol i am not really interested in being a speed freak ... if i were i would be buying a 600cc or 1000cc but i am just curious as to what the VTR is capable!

    yea i am going for Q-ride in a couple of weeks and then i will get my bike!
    one more question- is the VTR good for highway( i travel to the gold coast once or twice a week)
    thanks guys[/quote]
  4. I believe the VTR is pretty good for highway.

    And its not what the VTR is capable of, its what you are. :wink:
  5. vtr is pretty good for highway travel. Good useable torque and holds speed well.. Lacks a 6th gear though :( But then again i don't really have anything to compare it to, and i hardly ever use it for 80+ so.. best thing to do would be get your license then go test ride the bike at a dealer. Great little bikes for the hills :grin: Just lack a bit of top end is all
  6. If you can get the VTR250 up to 160km/h without going downhill and having a cyclonic tailwind I'll buy you a beer.

    VTR250 is fantastic bike, quick off the mark although it runs out of puff too early (not much pull once you hit 80km/h+, you can't expect too much from a V-twin with only 5 gears). It's great when you are not trying to break any landspeed records, and the twisties are your friend.

    Plus it is verreh gangsta.
  7. thanks for the stuff guys,
    if the VTr is not too great for highway riding then what would you suggest that has maybe a little more top end power? and please dont say CBR250rr!:p
  8. My VTR250 will sit on 7,000 rpm (i.e. 100kph) on the freeway and when I need extra passing power, I just squeeze the throttle and it goes, goes and keeps going. It has not skipped a beat. I get it to 130 before I shat myself and backed off.

    Great all round bike.
  9. It is fine for highway riding, I've been back and forth Sydney/Canberra on it at 80-110km/h and it does just fine. What we are saying is that due to the fact that it is a V-twin you don't have as much pull up high as you do down low.

    For top end power you are looking at any 4-cylinder bike (not counting non-250s) e.g. Suzuki Across (good bike, seat is the only downside), FZR250, ZX2R as well as your CBR250R/RRs. The ZX2R/FZR250 are just like the CBR250s.
  10. Ahah i get you!
    Well i am off to get my VTR250!
    Thanks guys!
  11. hey guys i was wondering in terms of luggage- what sort of options are there? i dont really want a big huge backpack so wat are my options?
  12. Magnetic tank bags, luggage rack with associated bag etc etc.
  13. Letter between enthusiasts regarding going from 41 to 44 tooth rear sprocket, it in my opinion does wonders for rideability and is a must do mod
    Well on stock gearing I got 160 and a bit eventually but never got near redline however hard i tried....now i can get to about 145 quickly and it still does the 160 and a bit and will get very very close to redline in top.... so yeah i guess it is way over geared stock....cheers.[/QUOTE]

    Nice work test pilot!, I expected that result but it is was good to hear you road test confirmed it.

    I would have thought with your zorst and different carby jets(are you rejetted?) you would do better than that although sacrificing low RPM driveabillity, hence why I never went the zorst and re-jet.
  14. 140 @ 11000, then I changed to 5th. 150 then a car appeared ahead and we eased off. Acceleration was slow at that point!

    My next bike won't be a naked, because of the freeway commute I do. Mind you, QLD is not quite like Adelaide Hills in the winter :)

  15. Oh, and Ventura rack & bag does me well enough.
  16. I have an oxford sport tailpack - does the job for me. It does fit my helmet but can't say I've really been game enough to chuck it in there. Only problem with it is that you'd have to be creative to lock it - doesn't come with any way of locking it.

    Other than that, only problem you'd probably really have with a vtr250 on a highway is being blown around. I've noticed the smallest breeze turns into a neck whipping gale force wind once you get over 80km/h :)
  17. haha 11k in fourth must have been really buzzing
  18. Charlesflies - are we related? You look alot like someone I know!

  19. ventura bag seems the go... how much does it cost? and can you fit a helmet into it?