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honda vtr250 2006 light mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by mugen1, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    just working on some light mods on the 250 :)

    to do:

    spraying the cage black
    switching the stock indicators to minis
    cutting the fender off
    installing in a new brake light/number plate holder
    switching to drag bars
    changing to mini mirrors
    relocating the rear indicators
    wielding on a megacycle pipe
    mods on the seating
    change the tacho

    simply removed the existing indicator and replaced them...


    after sanding the cage, i applied a few layers of primer, and then used wet dry sandpaper and lightly sanded the primer before another layer.

    iphone 023.

    ...then after a few hours, applied a few layers of black spray paint.

    iphone 027.
  2. just a closer look paint work on the LHS

    iphone 031.


    iphone 033.

    changed the stock mirrors to minis from HK Helmet on ebay

    iphone 636.
  3. yesterday,

    sawed off the fender and sanded it back down, drilled two holes in the electrics compartment on the rear to relocate the indicators and installed a new LED brake light

    drilled two holes into the eletrical/storage compartment and wired up the indicators


    new LED brake light


    overall so far


    the stock was a light bulb with an end-plug, i cut the wiring at the end of the bulb, picked up some female bullets and wired them up, plugged the end-to-ends and wa-la




  4. Looks great bro. I really like the exhausts on the VTRs as well. I have the same mini mirrors, love em.

    BTW, those are some MEAN chicken strips! Better get to work on that ;)
  5. black engine enamel



    drag bars from the US and some barend mirrors from HK

  6. had a megacycle exhaust installed today



  7. I like black things. That's a very nice looking VTR, good work.
  8. thanks mate

    looking to install the handlebar and bar end mirrors soon..
  9. Awesome job. Did you pull it apart to spray the engine, or just spray thru the frame and around the pipes, etc.

    What are you doing with "change the tacho"?
  10. me too. Is that a factory satin on the bodywork? Looks good as a package. well done.

  11. had the handlebars and RHS mirror installed yesterday, only probably is theres about 1-1.5cm before the steering locks but it hits the tank..so gotta be careful U-turning and slow riding maneuvers..





    sith lord - i think the gauges/tacho are to bulky and i want something more slim line..

    putting these on



    bikeboy - yeah tank/tail is factory colour..
  12. Damn. I know someone that would have made you an offer for those gauges if he hadn't just ordered an Acewell ;-(

    Assuming they were for sale of course.

    Oh, and while I think of it. Does that right hand switch have a headlight off option? I'm looking to upgrade my switch gear, but need to fine one that will turn the light off.

  13. hey ian, oh well, gauges wont be coming off to soon anyway..

    apparently stock made spec for aus dont have options to turn the headlight off..

    some pics just to show the bike off..



  14. ...and nicely done too.

    you need a thin red pinstripe around those rims ;-)

    not the big 6mm tape you see on ebay.

    looks sweet.

  15. I'd be interested in the switches! (Also the brake and clutch controls but that's a different story) Also possibly the gauges... if they take a cable speedo, not an electronic one (anyone know how to do a conversion?)

    Not big on bar-ends personally because they make the bike so much wider, but whatever works. All that black does look great, I reckon some chrome headed bolts and nuts on the engine would really set it off.
  16. Lookin good!
  17. thanks mrbling

    ive been thinking of putting on those madass 125 stacked headlights, they look mean..
    not sure if they'll fit thou..might need a headlight bracket for it..

  18. that looks amazing man!

    what are the benefits with the straight bar? does it affect handling?

    and please more pics when you get the digital dash pieces installed!
  19. hey torque

    no real benefit to a straight bar, just makes the ride a more sporty feel b/c of the lean..

    yeah affects handling, b/c of body posture

    yeah when i get the dash definitely snap a few pics :)
  20. Your bike looks awesome. I love it, and I think stacked headlights will complete the look.

    How are those mirrors in terms of function? Can you see as much as the standard mirrors?