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Honda VTR250 (2004) customization

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by sireddie, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. I've had my VTR250 for about 6 months now, and since I will be keeping it for another year or two, I've started to modify it to my liking.

    So far I have replaced the exhaust with an aftermarket one from ebay (AUD $175)

    Stock: http://youtu.be/l5EO5Agwa2o
    Aftermarket with baffle: http://youtu.be/yMgRpfYGQ9w
    Aftermarket without baffle: http://youtu.be/l-Li6MWC-go

    I've also recently replaced the front indicators:




    And the biggest mod so far, the tail chop/fender elminitor:



    I might be moving the reflector up a bit to make it a bit shorter still.

    Still to come:
    Paint the cage back or red plus a few bits and pieces
    Drag bars
    Mini mirrors
    New brake/clutch levers

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  2. that fender chop looks great,
    and that rear light really fits well where is that from

    some advice for your plans:
    mirrors - ebay is the cheapest option especcially for bar ends.
    bars - id recommend to go to peter stevens, ask to see the mcs catalog
    (my vtr - https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=124863 though i dont recommend that low bars as it affects slow speed handling and you can see the riding positon in my profie pic*. drags will be better)
    levers, leave stock. there is a black option (as i replaced mine and got black from honda)
    stock is best quality, aftmarket levers are brittle unless you spend the $$$$ on a top brand

    *but i love my bars and prefer it like that the position and response it gives, to me is worth the discomfort
  3. Ha! Your video on youtube is what pushed me over the edge to get one of those eBay exhausts for my VTR!

    Looking forward to see what you do with it. The rear brake light and indicators are so chunky, I've been tempted to do something about it.
  4. Cheers. I got the light from here. It was quite an effort to modify everything to get it in, but worth it in the end. Might do a writeup on it if people are interested.

    Thanks. I'll def be looking at ebay when the day comes for mirrors. Yeah those bars are a bit too low for my taste, but thanks for the tips. I'll def be getting some black levers from Honda then. One of my levers are bent atm (some d!ckhead reversed into my bike and pushed it over).

    Sweet! I was hoping that the video's might help convince people as I love the pipe.

    A few more pics of the rear:




  5. Double post
  6. Nice work using the Monster rear light
    You do know that the integrated indicators might get you some attention from Mr Plod, RTA states the distance between indicators clearly on rta site.
    I have used the same system on my Monster but spliced the indicator wires to the integrated loom so keeping it legal but having both indicator fire at the same time as the integrated.
    Result is very bright very attention getting and legal.
    Good luck great work love the VTR really great bike with a solid engine bought one for my son did the tail chop put some Ducati Monster bars on and stuck a Roo racing pipe on it, sounded sooo good .
  7. Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I'm aware of the distance requirements. I might get some flush mounting indicators or something in the near future.

    I probably grew out of the VTR a few months after owning it, but I still love it and will keep it for a couple of years I think (unless I win the lottery ;) ). I've put a bigger sprocket on the rear (plus 4 teeth) which has made it much more fun to drive. Now you can actually us the 5th gear for more than just cruising.
  8. As I'm going for a stealthy look, next thing I've done is to paint the headlight surround and instrument cluster backing.


    I will eventually want to paint the frame and engine and a few other bits and pieces. Not sure if I should take the whole thing apart or not for this. I could then also consider getting it painted/powdercoated by a professional.

    If I only had time and money for all this :-k
  9. Liking the painted headlight surround and the cluster mate.. May have to steal your idea!
  10. Cheers, yeah go ahead. If you do, and if you unscrew the adjuster screw (small one on the left side), take note of how it's put together. I didn't and had issues getting it back together.
  11. Excuse my noobness but how did you go about painting the headlight surround and instrument cluster backing? i.e what steps were involved, what paint did you use etc..
  12. No probs.

    1. Remove the parts you want to paint from the bike
    2. Sand down with fine sandpaper to make the paint stick better (I think I used 200 grit)
    3. Clean the parts (I used Isoproyl alcohol)
    4. Use masking tape to cover everything you don't want painted (not needed for the cluster backing). This is the part that takes the longest and the result will be determined by the effort put in here.
    5. Clean the parts one more time
    6. Once dry, spray one layer and let dry. For the stuff I used (White Knight Kill Rust - Satin Black - $15 from Bunnings) 16 hours was recommended between layers.
    7. Spray the second layer and let dry (24 hours to be safe).
    8. Put everything back together on the bike.

    Good luck!
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  13. Looking good there! Is the whole bike Matte black?
  14. Cheers, well the parts I've painted are satin black and the bike colour (tank and seat) are a dark grey colour.
  15. Looks sweet mate.... tempts me to start on some mods on my vtr..... Might clarify that 200 grit sandpaper is REALLY coarse though.... bout the same as rubbing it on the road to sand it. Maybe 2000 grit?
  16. Would love to see how your mounted the Monster LED tail light in the back as i am thinking of doing the same, cheers
  17. I got my mirrors from Bike Gear Warehouse. They sell online and are open to the public on saturdays at Smeaton Grange near Campbelltown. I bought these CRG mirrors for $100 a side. They are machined and fold inwards if needed.Mine are clamped around the bar ends but you can get others that go inside the bars if you have aftermarket bars. They have good vision as i had to shift my robust body to see anything out of the standard VTR mirrors. With these i just look down with a clear view. check out there website as they have lots of gear at great prices and they often have specials as well.
    Hope this helps...
  18. Unfortionately I had a bit of a missunderstanding with the law a couple of months back, and since I won't be getting my license back for another 4 months, the wife is forcing me to sell the bike.

    Will be putting it up for sale in a day or two in case anyone is interested in buying it (i'm hoping not so that I can keep it :))

    Details to come
  19. I've been given a second chance to keep the bike, yay!

    Have gotten some requests on steps to install the monster tail light, so I'll see if I can find the photos and will then post them together with some instructions
  20. Good news on the second chance to keep the bike!

    I would be interested in the tail light write up if you can find the photos.