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Honda VTR250 '05 model (matte black)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by devochka, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. ETA: 29/4/12 - SOLD!!

    Where has the last year and a bit gone?! Time to upgrade to a bigger bike so my baby is up for grabs. Good home only! ;)

    Great learner bike which has shown me some fabulous roads. Starts easily every time.

    She's not the prettiest thing out there and has a few dents in the tank from the non-standard Renthal bars which were longer than the stock standard, but they've never bothered me before.


    Only 56,8XXkm young! Regularly serviced and comes with fresh tyres, brakes and recent full service (all documented). Also comes with workshop manual and racing stand.

  2. Re: Devochka's LAMs bike '05 model

    Racing stand... and did I mention she comes with a Megacycles Carbon Fibre exhaust?
  3. Re: Devochka's LAMs bike '05 model

    But seriously though... if you're a learner (or learner to be!) and want a sturdy bike that will take you on amazing roads like this...

    Or this...

    Or maybe even this one...

    Then consider buying my Honda VTR250 2005 model off me.

    Comes with:
    • Odo: 56,8xx
    • Rego until April 2013
    • Renthal bars (non standard)
    • Megacycle Carbon fibre exhaust (non standard)
    • Replaced grips and bar ends (non standard)
    • Replace rear indicators (non standard)
    • Replaced seat (non standard)
    • Replaced mirrors (non standard)
    • Oggy knobs
    • Racing stand
    • Workshop manual (400pages of printed mechanical goodness!)

    Regularly serviced with the most important being:
    • Replaced front and rear brakes
    • Replaced front and rear tyres
    • Oil/filter change
    • Brake fluid flushed
    • Coolant flushed
    • Chain adjusted/cleaned/lubed

    This girl is a GREAT learner bike and although she has a few dents in her tank and looks a bit worse for wear (I'll fix her up before she's sold), she goes alright and has served me well. Oggy knob on one side is a bit scratched (watch out for that gravel kiddies!) but is testament to protecting the frame on a slow speed off.

    Highly recommend these seemingly indestructible Honda bikes to learn on so if you don't buy Angie, then buy someone else's VTR. ;)

    Asking $3,900 ono.

    P.s Good home only! I love this bike!




    More pics here:
    angie may11 by Snatch n Grab, on Flickr
  4. Re: Devochka's LAMs bike '05 model

    Swapsies for my vfr?
  5. Re: Devochka's LAMs bike '05 model

    RHOK stickers are known to increase value on bikes :)
  6. Re: Devochka's LAMs bike '05 model

    Oh shit that reminds me to put mine on! Thanks mate! Forgot to tell you that I got them safely in the mail.
  7. Re: Devochka's LAMs bike '05 model

    Awesome bike you've got there - love ducatis!

    Good luck with the sale.
  8. Re: Devochka's LAMs bike '05 model

    shame its a honda then :D
  9. This baby is SOLD!
    Rode off into the sunrise this morning by delighted new owner's friend. Am officially bikeless.... :(

    But testriding starts soon! ;)

    Thanks for checking out this thread!

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