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Honda VTR1000F Speedo Error Issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. A mate picked up his first big bike yesterday, a VTR1000. Following him home we noticed that he was going a bit slow. We put it down to getting used to the bike, that it was as wet as a shag, etc.

    When we stopped at Yarragon Village for him to take a leak and to thaw out he asked how fast we were going, as he was sitting on 110 km/h and was still being passed. We said that a lot of the times we were between 90-100 km/h. The only time, it seems that he did do over 110km/h was when his speedo was indicating close to 130!

    Now, in order to fix this, we can do one or all of the following:

    1. Check sprockets for correct sizes
    2. Install a cycle computer and
    3. calibrate it with a GPS
    4. buy a Speedo Healer (they make 'em for the VTR)

    I'm wondering if there are any other solutions or known problems that may correct this error, something model specific as an inherant fault, or whatever that people can look at before spending money on any of the above solutions.

    Also, have you VTR owners seen such large discrepancies between real and indicated speeds?


    Ps. For those who followed the GSX750F thread that I started, it's the same guy (he was tossing up between a VTR and the GSX). He picked up a 2003 VTR for a little over $7k. Came with Megacycle cans (and the original exhausts). Got around 40,000km on it and looks to be in great nick. It's a quantum leap for him too, going from a CBR250R to thie VTR...
  2. My VTR's speedo was sooo bad it was all but useless, so I just stopped using it in the end. :LOL:

    I swear to god I once saw an INDICATED 270 km/hr on the main straight at Phillip Island. That would be sooo far from the truth it would be laughable. Made me feel well fast though. :roll:

    Mine did have aftermarket sprockets on it, but I never bothered to count the teeth so I can't tell you exactly what was done to it, but at around 120 was equivalent to keeping with the traffic flow on the freeway (100-105 ish). The cycle computer is a well known quick fix.

    Sounds like he has a good buy anyway. Mark.
  3. It's been downgeared for sure.

    Tell him to work out what the true speeds are in his head, and happy wheelies!
  4. Great price for a 2003 model!
    The speedo is a common problem. Mine also displays about 10kph more than actual speed. In 60 zones I just ride with the flow of traffic and on the highway I sit on 120-125 indicated.
    If he is really worried about speeding fines then I'd suggest he buys the cycle computer.
    Personally I don't bother. If I ever do get a ticket for a few K over, I'll take it to court and show that my speedo is within ADR standards and that any speeding fine is a breach of Australian Design Rules. Federal laws >> facist Vic laws.
  5. I went 1 down in the front, 1 up at the rear, its indicating approx 10km/h over true speed.

    Speedo healer is the way to go. $150

    I wanna get me one of them :)
  6. Thanks. Obviously there doesn't appear to be any mechanical or electrical issues that are common to this problem. Anyway, he's going to try and get in touch with the guy, who was flying out either yesterday or tomorrow to Thailand or somewhere. Otherwise he's going to check the manual and then manuall count the sprocket teeth to eliminate one possible cause.

    I'm going to lend him my GPS in the meantime so that he can check the speedo for actual discrepancies. Then it's probably a Speedo Healer, or maybe gear the thing back up again to stock.
  7. The number of teeth should be stamped on the rear sprocket.
  8. Another one for the VTR owners; if you have stock final drive gearing, can you tell me what the engine revs at 100 km/h going either by the bike's speedo, or if you have a cycle computer, GPS or whatever, what it indciates. I'll get him to note the revs when he goes home tonight to see what it's doing at 100 km/h indicated.

    Yeah I know that as you gear the final drive up or down, that the speed and revs will remain relative, if the speedo drive is off the front sprocket, which I presume it is, if it's the same as the CBR1000F and Blackbird.
  9. Mine was 3250rpm in 6th at 100km/h
    Now its 3750