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Honda VTR1000 SP2

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by smack, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Starts out innocent. You walk past one. You look. You see Colin Edwards punting one into a corner, hot on teh tail of Bayliss, slightly sideways. They sound nice, meaty. None of this potato potato potato crap. A deep ball tearing rumble that literally barks at you as the FI overloads the cylinders.

    1000cc of race homologaton special, not for the faint hearted. What?? A girl owns it? She'd like to do the dirty bike swap and try my baby Duc. Yer on girl, here's the keys.

    Now I've ridden a modified VTR, very nice, comfy, without being overly racey. They do sound the goods though. Threw the leg over the SP2. fcuk it's tall, or I'm short. fcuk that mouse pad they call a seat is hard. This ain't a tourer. Hmm, a few weeks on this and I'm sure the spine will be subtle enough that I can lick my own privates. Push the button and it sets off car alarms. Can it be louder? Snick that japanese perfect shift into 1st. Let the japanese perfect clutch out a bit. Yup, this baby needs a few revs. Get the precious moving and think hmmm, this feels good.

    Ok, out on the road, check the mirrors, yep, there's my baby following. Ok, concentrate on this very very nice race bike. Bloody thing hates under 2000 rpm, bloody thing loves 3000 to 4000. Bloody thing OH fcuk 150 kph come up real fast in 3rd. Honest, I was just overtaking. Mate at work looks at bikes and cars and stuff. Always asks "does it do 300 kph?" Well Al, this one looks like it, and it probably does.

    Into a corner and it tips in nice for a tall bike, well balanced, I seem to be sitting over the front wheel, that baby ain't gonna let go. This is doing it all too nice, typical Honda. But in this case they did manage to get some soul into a bike.

    I spent an hour on some of tassie's best roads hugging this black and red beast firmly between my knees. I'd own one, yes. I'd borrow it again, yes.

  2. Nice write up smack, LPCIII owns one and it does set off car alarms. Such a sweet sounding machine, no wonder you had it clutched between your legs, i wouldnt want to let it go ethier :cool:
  3. mmmm they are a sexy bike, unfortunately the shop wasnt willing to knock $5000 off the price when i was looking at bikes, oh well the firestorm will do
  4. Haha, awesome little read there.. All i need to complete the fantasy, is an image or two!


    PS, yeah, Firestorm will have to do for me too....
  5. Well if you can't find a 1000SS you can always look for (and not find) a 2nd hand SP2 smack :p :LOL:
  6. one at cmc (canberra motorcycle centre) $15,000
  7. Oh, so TG is letting someone ride her baby now?

    She must have softened up. Only a few months ago she had steam coming out her ears because someone threw a leg over it in the carpark.

    Favouritism, favouritism I say! :grin:
  8. No mate, it was a different SP2, honest.

    There was gonna be a bike swap yesterday, I had a desire to ride the dildo, but it didn't show up.
  9. VTR 1000 SP2

    Mate.....when you have a bike I'd like to ride..we'll swap too OK?? :p :LOL:

    As for the dildo....I'll pass thanks.... :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :cool:

    MMmmmmm...did you say a ducati 800 is on the cards??? :grin: :grin:
  10. Honda VTR 1000SP2

    Noice write up Smack....Thanks...
    I was wondering what you thought of it, as you are a man of few words...
    I thought you might cane it, as there is only one manufacturer for you.
    It suited you..even though it was Japanese!! :p

    Geez it has a bark and a half doesn't it... :shock: :LOL: :twisted:

    I will have to write a review of your baby Duc.... :grin: