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Honda VTR SP2 vs. Kwaka ZX10?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by zxparker, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Guys, another one of these this vs. that things....

    I am aboutto get off a licence suspension (not for long I hear you all say) and want some advise. I guess the real question here is 2cyl vs. 4cyl, but as the servicing costs of a Ducati are way out of my salary bracket once I have the thing, I have not included it on my wish list.

    I am looking at a 2005 model of either of these bikes and wondering if anyone has some thoughts for me??

    Another question. Has Honda stopped making the VTR and hence we didnt see a 2006 model in Aus, or are they just not bringing them here anymore? If they have stoppedproduction, does anyone know why?

    Thanks in advance....
  2. Go the VTR.

    Twins rawk much more than ya boring inline bores..............errr, I mean inline fours :grin:

    The 06-07 model in the USA is just sex on wheels.

    Have a look at hondamotorcycles.com and check out what they call the RVT
  3. Personally I'd go for the Quaka...I've never had a reliability problem with them.

    The Honda's are know to have electrical problems. Refer to Vic and Stookie about theses. :grin:

    I'd find there relevant forums for these bikes..and read the what the riders say about their bikes...and their problems.
  4. Do you know why this has not been imported to Australia? I can see what you mean about the sex on wheels!!!

    I do like the 05 model that we have here though still.

    Thanks for the info.
  5. From what I have heard (so yes, this only coming 2nd hand) The ZX-10 is no doubt an awesome bike, however I think the power of the VTR would be more 'useable'.
    Hope that helps.
  6. that generalising a bit isnt it... ive owned quite a few hondas as have a lot of my mates and never seen any electrical faults. in saying that though get the zx10 as they are an absolute weapon.
  7. If you want a bike that rocks and rolls instaed of a bike that has trouble getting pebbles excited go the kwaka.I test road a 1000 twin honda twin and it wasnt boring AS I FELL ASLEEP with the roll on acceleration.There is no power comparisum between the 2 bikes :grin:

  8. You are so blinded by that green shit your judgement is clouded :)

    A well tuned VTR will rock and roll babeeeeee, a well tuned inline 4 like the zx10 will also rock and roll, once the sucker gets to 7,000 rpm.

    The twin will boogie from the minute the throttle starts to move.
  9. LPCIII owns a VTR SP2 [I think it's a 96 model{?}].

    It's got to be about the best and loudest sounding bike I've ever heard.
    I haven't ridden it, but I know he loves it and it's about as quick/quicker than most of your newer 600cc sports.

    I haven't ridden it, but another friend has and he says it isn't as comfortable as other bikes he's ridden. OK - new seat is possible / suspension etc. But he reckons it feels like the fuel tank is bolted directly to the engine :grin:

    The ZX10 just gets better every year from what I've read - will certainly be smoother and more comfortable to ride than the SP2.

    If you aren't going to go to the track, get the SP2.
    You still have a litre bike. You're still faster than just about anything with 4-wheels on the road. You invest in a pair of Yoshis with it and your SP2's noise will put Harley's to shame.
    Put a comfy seat on it and you'll be laughing.

    ... you may want to invest in ear-plugs with the SP2 though.
  10. SP1 = 2000 & 2001
    SP2 = 2002, 03, 04, 05

    What your mate has is the first firestorm, i.e VTR1000F
  11. Ack what the hell was I typing?!?!?!

    Not 96.
    It is definitely a VTR SP2 - it must be either 03 or 05.

    Why the hell am I thinking in the 90's?
    Who is playing Ace Of Base while I sleep?!?!
  12. VTR SP2 !
    They sound and look horny !!

    Ace of Base ???
    You have Achy Breaky Heart on the mind !!!
  13. I was going to buy a SP2 but went for the zx12r
    really a if you want sports the sp2 is not in the game :p