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Honda VTR big trips?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MeltingDOg, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I am considering getting a 250 VTR. Originally I wanted to get a slightly bigger bike that can check all the boxes (good commuter, highway speeds comfortably, can pillion) without being over expensive (perhaps a GS500) since I finished my LAMS.

    However, situations change and I am now looking at a slightly decreased budget.

    So, would a VTR be good at long highway trips? Pillioning around town?

    I am guessing pillion with my GF on quick, fast trips into the mountains is not really an option....

  2. I wouldn't buy a VTR to specifically perform those duties.

    OTOH, if a VTR was what I had, I wouldn't think twice about doing them. I've doin similar stuff with far less suitable machinery and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
  3. VTR250 is a good commuter, ok for highway if you don't mind the wind and the high revs. GS500 would be in similar price to the VTR250. GS500 would be better over the VTR for pillion with the bigger engine.

    Depends what you mean by long highway trips, it can be done but 5gears suck for it.
  4. Thanks. I'm taking like a 2hr highway trip. Maybe a day long run every now and then with mates. Not too regular
  5. 'So you are off restrictions?
    Why looking at these bikes then? There are some great bikes for very little $$ out there. Things like a late 90s ZX9 for under $3000 with 40,000km. They are very comfortable, and would tour and pillion nicely.

    Just a thought.
  6. Thanks,

    Actually this is a bit of a long story. I bought a bigger bike but was a bit over excited and didn't think it through. The bike I got was an older model and it had issues from day 1. As I use my bike everyday to go to work, shopping, etc I decided I needed a proven commuter bike - something that was versatile and cheap to run and repair
  7. A klr650 would be probably be a good choice for kind of work good on highway, good commuter will pillion better than the vtr, whilst being cheap. The new ones i mean.
  8. I'm still confused...are you off restrictions? Because there isn't much point planning for pillioning (legally) whilst you are?

    I've done 3 2000km+ trips on my VTR250 (there's some pics here in my for sale thread:
    https://register.ToughMudder.com/register/groups/join.aspx?event=6814&id=3735363&group=175211&pcode= ) and although on beautiful straight roads it can be a little tiresome and windy, it's a GREAT little bike and a whole heap of fun for a 250.
  9. How about you post up a budget.
    For the price of a vtr you could get something better suited in equally good condition..
  10. Yes I am off restrictions
  11. Good idea:

    Basically $3500 - $4000
  12. In which case I would be looking at a 600 personally.. Something like the Triumph Street Triple (from my limited research as I'm looking to upgrade now) has a similar feel to the VTR250, good amount of torque and more power. (But this coming from a newb to another newb..so do your research. :) )
  13. Just had a quick look around, heap of good bikes in that range. Some stand outs were the 600 & 900 hornets. Also a nice 2002 ZX9 with under 30,000km.

    Don't be afraid to look at bikes a bit above your budget, cash talks and you should be able to bargain a bit.