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Honda VTR 250 Mods Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Pataa, May 26, 2012.

  1. Hey There.
    Ive recently got my L;s and bought me a 2000 Honda VTR 250.
    Awesome bike i must say, Easy to ride, perfect size (as i am 173cm) and damn good looking (The bike, not me).

    After alot of research on many forums all over the place Ive decided to trick it out with some basic modifications.
    The to do list follows.

    - After market exhaust
    - Chop the tail / Fender eliminator
    - Change that ugly/bulky tail light to something sexier
    - Change front and back turn indicators to slim-line version.
    - New matte-black Renthal handle bars
    - Bar-end mirrors
    - Paint the bike matte-black, Stealth style

    So far ive got the exhaust (Staintune) and the rear turn-indicator lights

    Heres the rear turn indicator job:

    Blinkers Pre.

    View attachment 11344

    Blinkers After.

    Now im just waiting for all the other bits n bobs to arrive so i can chop the fender and sort out the rest of the list.

  2. Way to go Pataa, your bike will look pretty much like mine when you're done :)
  3. Show us some pics Stigy =D
  4. or mine.....
    if you wana go a bit more agressive
  5. your 1'73!!!

    Good mod list. The bar end mirrors i think will look schmick
  6. Hahah...173 cm mate, last time i checket Oz was Metric not Imperial ;-)
  7. how much was the staintune?
  8. After some time fixing and trixing around ive finally got the bike to where i want it.

    The To-Do list.
    - After market exhaust ( DONE )
    - Chop the tail / Fender eliminator ( DONE )
    - Change that ugly/bulky tail light to something sexier ( DONE )
    - Change front and back turn indicators to slim-line version. ( DONE )
    - New matte-black Renthal handle bars ( DONE )
    - Bar-end mirrors ( DONE )
    - Paint the bike matte-black, Stealth style ( In Progress )

    I'm still contemplating if to paint it matte black or not.
    Has anyone out there done it themselves and if so any feedback/tips?

    Heres some pics of the finished job.

    Ass done 1. Ass done 2. handlebars front lights done.
  9. looking good! have you considered any performance mods other than the pipe? My one's got a micron pipe and thats about it, i'm trying to work out how to get a bit more pep into it.... gonna do air filter and maybe re-jet the carby... have you looked at suspension, brakes and tires?

    they're AWESOME little bikes :)
  10. there is no more pep to be had from a vtr 250cc motor bike ,..change your air filter will do nothing ,,re jet the carbs will do nothing ,, fitting a micron pipe did nothing as you found out ,,you are looking for something thats not there ,its a 250cc jap bike thats all there is .
  11. Ok, next step on my VTR journey is completed.
    The Matt-Black paint job.
    It was alot quicker and smoother than i expected and only set me back about $50.

    It took me a good 4 hours to to complete the whole job.
    Started with taking of the front fender and the seat cowling (or whatever its called).
    Once i had the parts of i just sanded it down with a 180 grit and then touched it up with a 400 grit sand paper to get a nice surface.
    Then i cleaned it using a wax & grease remover spray to get rid of all the polish residues.
    After that it was just a matter of spraying a couple of layers of Acrylic matt black fast drying paint and voila !

    Heres some pics of the final results.

    matt 2.

    matt 1.

    And heres a quick picture of the front indicator job that i decided to upload.
    Front blinker job.

    Unfortunately Mr.Plod has decided to relieve the general public of my presence on the roads for a couple of months, so i think i might sell the bike while I'm using my LPC's for the summer.
    What would be a fair price for this 2001 BEAUTY with long rego and 45'000km's on the clock??

  12. Hey Pataa, bike looks great. I need to do the eliminator thang on mine too (seeing everyone else's mean-ass bikes makes mine look dorky!), but I'm unsure where to start. Did you go off advice from someone else or did you just go for it? Basically, I need a tutorial of sorts :p
  13. Sorry for bumping from the dead. Any chance you know what model of Renthal bars were on this bike? Been looking for something similar for my matte black 06 VTR.
  14. I reckon it's a renthal 'ultra low' bar, low but not flat. I've got the same on my bike, I can take some pics of mine if you want a better look?
  15. That'd be awesome, hoping to order some this week.
  16. Would that be the street or streetfighter on the renthal site?
  17. #17 pastafarian, Apr 21, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2013
  18. Pretty well have my trigger finger over the buy button waiting for pics :D
  19. Sorry mate, it was raining when I was leaving so couldnt take pics and i get home after dark, i'll try and get some shots at work tomorrow.