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honda vtr 250 0~100

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by daninjapan, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. ...just been looking at another (vtr) site... some comments on the age old 0~100km/h thing. some were saying aroud 9 sec., others 5, so just out of curiosity, how fast can you get there? i guess it takes me about 6 sec. going up to 3rd gear on a straight flat (japanese bike, no mechanical customs). saw on youtube 9.5, i guess he/she wasn't really trying.

    just one more thing...

    how fast have you gotten on the thing? i chickened out at 120km/h, but i've only had it for less than 6 months. and i love it too much to f### around too much!

    ...great bike!!!...

    p.s. The Black Keys kick! :twisted:

  2. I get the feeling it would vary a little due to the riders weight and weather conditions, but I'd say it's around 8 seconds to 100km/h
  3. Does it matter...??? its a vtr250 :p
  4. I'm about 102kg and i swear mine easily does 6-7 secs. I've also topped out at 140.... going down a hill. :p

    It's a really sturdy bike and keeps perfectly stable and happy at that speed. Even with my tall, fat ass on it.
  5. i would say about 9-10 seconds...
    its not that quick a bike...
  6. I would have guestimated around 7 or 8 seconds from mine. I never really tried to measure it accurately, but it's certainly slower than (insert 0-100-in-6-seconds-cars-here).

    Topping out at 145-ish.

    That said, the VTR's not about all-out speed. It's a great bike around town; plenty of power for city use, and definitely Quick Enough on tight twisty roads. <3 Love that V-twin and its relatively-lazy-for-a-250 torque curve.
  7. ZZR/GPX250 = 5.75 seconds stated
    CBR250R/RR or really any 250 i4 = 5.2-5.5ish

    Thats assuming a best case scenario launch.

    A vtr250 would for sure do it very close to 6 seconds if you did it perfectly and in best conditions.

    9-10 seconds is possible (as it is on anything), if you're a complete numpty!
  8. * Time recorded on a prepared-surface dragstrip, executed by the world-champion japanese motorcycle-drag racer, who happens to be a deformed midget wunderkind child prodigy weighing in at barely 25 kilograms. 70-80kg adult Western riders may find that their power/weight ratio is significantly lower.
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  9. Hmm, I don't know about 6 seconds Phizog. Although mine needs a new chain and sprockets, maybe I'm being robbed of 2 seconds :LOL:
  10. Lend me your vtr and I'll show you :grin:
  11. Only if you lend me your Fireblade :LOL:

    Actually, now we're on the topic, how come manufactures/bike magazines don't do 0-100 tests for bikes? Is it because it's too dependent on riders weight and launch?
  12. Edit: Oops, just saw your post above!

    Srsly, though, rider weight will have drastic effects on the acceleration performance of any 250 bike.

    Assuming a 50kg rider, a VTR250 would have a power-to-weight ratio approaching 150rwhp/tonne... on par with my mid-engined supercharged MR2 which does 0-100 in a recorded 5.45s, or for example the current Commodore VE SS which is somewhere closer to <6 seconds, both of which have 150rwhp/tonne or close to it.

    Throw on an extra 20 to 40 kilograms, though, and it ain't so impressively power/weight-y. ;)

    Edit to answer JP's question: 0-100kph times aren't going to be reliable for bikes; rider weight, traction, launch technique will vary the time dramatically. I daresay most large bikes can't even put down maximum power until they're >100kph, lest they risk flipping backwards.

    I've seen lots of publications list 1/4 mile times and trap speeds, though - possibly a more useful scale to measure their acceleration against.
  13. I've seen a cibby do it on youtube in 5.2s. Probably the same for any other i4 with 45hp.

    GPX250? Probably six point something in the real world, if you're very good. I never managed to get it anywhere near that tho, in my limited time on a GPX.

    Never been on a vtr250, but probably slightly slower than the gpx.
  14. Actually here is a site full of drag-strip times with video's to back them up


    fastest 0-100km/h times on that site

    NSR250R - 3.57s - 2 stroke goodness.
    CBR250RR - 4.75s - Wow.
    Hornet250 - 5.17s - Too close for comfort :p
    ZXR250 - 5.23s
    ZZR250 - 6.47s
    Spada - 6.52s
    VTR250 - 6.93s
    GPX250 - 7.8s - Probably a bad launch. Should be almost as fast as the ZZR250.

    Some of the videos on the site are hilarious. The scooters and the CB50.
    But anyway, other than the GPX250, those are some pretty impressive launches.
  15. i reckon 6, 7 secs tops on my VTR. learn a quick take-off any they sure can move.

    top speed for me is 175 (closed track of course), this was downhill, with a run-up, flat on the tank. i also have a small screen on mine, which really helps with aerodynamics.

    i weigh 65-70kg, so this probably also helps :grin:
  16. Interesting find, megaphat.

    Though I must say I'm awfully disappointed with the times submitted for most of the mid-engine RWD cars. The AW11 MR2 drivers should be closer to 8 seconds flat with a serious launch, and the Lotus Elise can do a lot better than 7.13 seconds! :evil: