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Honda VTR 1000 SP2 as a first road bike?:D

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Yoshi_99R1, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. I have ridden trail bikes and three of my mates road bikes. Suzuki across :( Kawasaki ZXR750 :) and a Ducati 999 :D . Plus XT600 and GR650's in the Army regularly. I am going to do Qride in the next couple of weeks. I am tossing up whether to get a Honda VTR SP2, GSXR750 or VTR Firestorm. What are you thoughts. I will be riding it to work once or twice a week and on the weekend mainly and will hopefully do some track days and more advanced cornering and braking courses. Any advice would be a great.

  2. Well have i got a site for you !!


    im sure you'll get lots of unbiased information

    :D :twisted: :D
  3. Get the SP2 awesome bike, you'll love it.

    Be sure to get a full yoshi RS3 system, they sound amazing.

    Trust me :)
  4. I personly would bu the SP2 but only you can make the right choise. Are you going to buy something new, the latest GSX-R750 has just been picked as the sports bike of the year. I currently own a Firestorm and I find it to be an enjoyable bike to ride where ever, I have ridden an SP2 a few times and it is a very nice bike.
  5. If i was to buy a SP2, i am thinking i may get it brand new. At one dealer here in Brisbane (Brendale) he was going to sell one to me for $18000 on road, it was still in the box and another dealer (Ipswich) was going to sell me one for $24000 and they where pretty arrogant to deal with. i like the White colour ones so i may get a second hand one. As for anything else it will be brand new. I was thinking the GSXR750 because it was in between a 600 and a 1000. What do you think, a compromise. Has anyone ridden a SV1000 are they just a TL1000R revamped.
  6. By your name is looks like you have already made up your mind. Why would you buy a bike because it is between two numbers? The 750 GSXR and the VTR 1000 (SP2) have totally different characteristics mainly due to the engine configuration rather than the CCs, i.e. inline 4 -v- v-twin. But in road kit, back to back, the GSXR would eat the v-twin alive on the race track (I'm prepared to be eaten alive on that one).

    My personal opion is the GSXR. It is a beast and a great bike to ride fast, plus you can get pissed and blow the bucks you save at the casino or at the track (horse or motor). :)

    But I',m with Vic on the sound. If you want blow your neighbours and other road users away then get the aftermarket cans on the SP2, sounds f**king amazing......

    Good luck!
  7. DOnt buy the SP@. YES it is sexy and agressive, but you will be uncomfortable riding long periods. ALSO, it is a bike for an experienced road rider..... The Firestorm has been voted as better than the SP2 for everyday riding... Do, I would go the Firestorm....

    My 2cents worth
  8. part of a review on the RC-51 (VTR1000SP). Sounds like the firestorm is a better choice for a road bike.

    "While the RC-51 can be ridden on the street in relative comfort, we wouldn't recommend this bike if you plan on having a one-bike garage unless you live on your favorite bit of twisty tarmac. Honda's new 929 is a much better choice for an all-around street bike, and if you need that V-twin feel, there's always the good old 996 VTR Superhawk.

    The Honda RC-51 V-twin is a race bike first and foremost and it makes no bones letting you know it. If that's what you're in the market for, there are few better choices. Even when the more expensive Aprilia RSV Mille and Ducati 996 are thrown into the V-twin mix, we expect Honda's latest attempt at world dominance to rise to the top. The new RC-51 is that good -- at any price."

    Source: http://www.motorcycle.com/mo/mchonda/00rc51a.html
  9. Don't fret my friends,i have found my friend the Buell XB9R and it is sex on wheels and all that Hondas VTR 1000 SP2 wishes to be, for me. What can i say i have ridden the XB9R and i am in love.How can it be a Harley Motor. I still have the V Twin. How do i change my username to XB9R.
  10. Nice choice! I fell in love with those bikes too but budget dictated and I opted for something cheaper... If you havent seen it already there is an excellent Buell site: www.badweatherbikers.com under the XBoard section. Yank based but there is soo much knowledge on that site its not funny. I know of a few other Buell XB sites, PM me for more info.
  11. With only half the power of the SP2 :p

    Enjoy it :)
  12. half the weight, the insurance premium and better resale value. I will certainly enjoy it. :D Honda wasn't going to set the bike up for me. When i pick up my XB9R at least Buell is.
  13. You chose a dodgy dealer then :)
  14. why do you think i chose a dodgey dealer
  15. If your talking about the Honda well, lets just say there are three large Honda dealers in the brisbane, ipswich and caboulture area with the same name. i wasn't real happy with two of them.
  16. Its ok man,

    Get the bike you wanna get.

    I owned an SP1 and know how good they are.

    I also know that the resale value is <50% of its retail.
  17. I like the idea of being able to respray my Buell and it will still holds value. I feel the Buell has more pro's then con's for me. The VTR is an awesome bike. i was keen to fork out the cash for one. I see the Buell as the better option for my bank account and also riding style.
  18. sp2 sounds sweet.. and they can be riden pretty hard.

    if your going ta pay 18k for a brand new sp2 twin, have u thought about a MV augusta? those bikes are hot, haven't riden one of them yet thou
  19. I would love an MV Augusta but i am not that financial. I am still tossing up over which bike to get. I maybe getting a mates 99 R1 but i think it is way to much bike for me, i may have to trade it in for something else.