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Honda Vt750s

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Prle77, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Well yesterday I've picked up new ride... Brand new Honda VT750S..
    It is an upgrade from CB400
    What can I say... It is very nice to ride.. Turns are much easier... Took me some time to adjust to different pegs position... but it is not bad...
    Worst thing is.. seat is a bit firmer or differently possition so it hits my funny bone a bit.. :) but I'm not complaining much.. placed a windscreen on it straight away...
    Done first 100 km's on it and it was very enjoyable (last two days in melbourne were amazing for riding...)
    Photos.. a bit later.. :happy:

  2. Congratlations Prle77.

    One thing though, it's a bigger bike compared to the CB, but not necessarily an upgrade :p :p but cool bike nevertheless.
  3. Thanks NAK...
    Well since my wife will continue to ride CB400... It wouldnt be fair for me to get something faster so she can't cach up.. ;)
    Both of us prefer nice easy cruise rather than fast speeds..
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  4. Fair enough, all valid points. :)
  5. Congrats on the upgrade mate post a few pics when you can
  6. 2012-11-11 17.16.49. 2012-11-11 17.19.10.
    Couple of quick ones done last weekend.. :)
  7. I must admit these are one of the few bikes where I think Honda got the styling right!
  8. Mate that is a nice looking bike and a definate upgrade :)
  9. Was a bit sceptical when I made decission to buy it.. (I've bought it without even a test ride... heheh) But 100mtrs down the road.. first bend... yeah.... much more enjoyable than CB400.... goes in so nicely....
    So far I've done only city rides (didn't have time to go outside the town..) Still adjusting to it too, as pegs are bit more forward than on CB400 so I kept putting my foot onto exhaust.. heheh...
    Overall very impressed... Wasn't sure what to expect from it.. but on the first ride I fell in love with it...
    Missus is eyeing it.. but not allowed to sit on it heheh.. She has my CB400 so I call that fair... :)
  10. sounds fair to me your bike your ride:) although i dont know how angry your missus can get/ be to live with :D may have to get some furhter updates as im off my restrictions soon (6mths) and was looking at the Honda 750c shadow but i like the shorter guards on yours