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Honda VT750s

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by DEW-016, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Hello all,
    Just a fresh forum newb putting out an honest appraisal that may or not help others.

    Everyone would have seen a picture by now of this what is basically a replica sportster...
    Cept for the water cooling and digital gauges.

    Looking into the older style cruiser market led me to the W800, Bonneville and eventually VT750s.
    Would anyone agree / disagree they are in the same segment?
    Getting on all three for a testy was fun, i would have liked the extra power of the bonne (hit the rev limiter of the test vt750s)
    all are enjoyable rides but eventually I choose the honda.

    10k (full stop) cheep, like the budgie.
    90dba sticker, it is way louder than that, the w800 & bonne would need another 1k+ for pipes,
    there is no mechanical noise from the engine either.
    Torque available makes it an easy lazy ride.
    Gearbox is surprisingly smooth.
    Digital gauge setup & HISS coded ignition keys bring it into the 2000's.
    VT750 & VTxxx series' have been about for decades, im sure the basics have been sorted by now.
    232kegs is wet with maybe 3/4 tank, i cant recall. It feels fairly light and the g/f likes the height weight ratio compared to her ninja EX250R.

    As is the way of things, a few weeks and a few hundred km's can change things,
    so now..

    Grinding the pegs after 100kms.. though on the W800 I did that straight away in the test ride.
    Air filter is WAY over sized, the chrome cover prevents hugging the tank with your right knee.
    Drum brake is pretty soft, requiring a lot of pedal effort.
    Indicators are not to my taste and could be better incorporated into an overall minimalist design.
    Small fuel tank, range about 230kms with the warning light on at 200ish, not past 1thousand kms though, it might change a little.

    Not quite fitting in, the 'classics' group frown at you and the Harley crowd look upon it with contempt...

    Any other owners out around here?