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Honda vt750s

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. There was a post on this a while ago but I couldn't find it.


    Looks like the price is not bad.

    When you think about the price of second hand w650s, new Bonnevilles, 750 Breva and 883 Sportsters, it looks like Honda may have the price point about right for a change.
  2. Hmmm. Looks good and appears to be an excellent price.

    If it weren't for the fact that I would rather remove my own genitals with a rusty tin-opener than own another Honda, I'd seriously consider buying one.
  3. how about do that first then buy it?
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  6. That's the first Honda in quite a while I like the look of!

    And you can't argue with the price... however the 10.7 litre tank is sucky.

    Did they really have to copy the worst aspect of the HD sportster as well?
  7. That does suck. 232 kg is getting up there too, even if it is a kerb weight.

    The specs do claim a rear disc, but I am pretty sure it a drum brake on the rear.
  8. Hmm. Didn't look at the weight. 232kg! What the hell do they do with it all? A BMW K100RS is 239kg dry, complete with lead lined GRP fairing, shaft drive and engine cases so massive you can skate the bike down the road on them and they'll survive.

    Anything over 200kg for what claims, visually, to be a bare bones hotrod is, quite frankly, unforgiveable.

    10.7 litres is pretty titchy. I assume that's including reserve, so that's a sub-200km range in anybody's money, which is getting towards impractical for a lot of people as a commuter. I'd be at the pumps every day with that tank and I'm not that unusual. Every two days is enough of a pain on the DR.
  9. Does anybody know the definition of kerb weight? Does that include a full tank of fuel?

    What about dry weigh? does it include battery?
  10. ISTR that kerb is with oil, coolant and half a tank of juice. Dry, I've always assumed to be empty of everything, but I hadn't considered the battery.

    Let's assume a full tank (about 8kg), 5l of oil (4kg), 5l of coolant (5kg) and a big battery (15kg). That gets us down to 200kg dry. Better, but still high for a bike that has no amenities. It's not even got any decent pillion accomodation, for heaven's sake. Considering, like all Japanese bikes, it'll be made of cheese, tinfoil and plastic, I'm at a loss as to where all the weight comes from.

    I've just looked at the specs for the 883 Sportster, though, which is listed at 255kg dry, which I find staggering, even considering that the H-D will be built using cast-iron and gas-pipe.
  11. Price and looks are good. A 10.7 litre fuel tank is a friggin joke. I was really keen on the new cb1100 until I saw the price and now Honda offer this new well priced model with a pp range that wouldnt get me to the Manangatang Pub and back.

    Apologies for the bleating but this is really disappointing. Perhaps a solution is to buy a camel back and fill it up with a couple of more litres.