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Honda VT750S Windshields?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Andyfb, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Hi all, got a 2010 VT750S in White recently...love it!

    Am thinking of getting a smallish windscreen for it, would rather go and get from a shop rather than web....so can anyone recommend a shop in the Brisbane area that has a selection?

    Any other VT750S riders on here?

    Cheers Andy :)

  2. Hey,

    How are you finding your VT750s? I am after a VT 750c, but my hubby likes the look (and price) of the VT 750s. Curious to hear some feedback about them!
  3. Hi

    The VT750s is really nice..love the look of the Feet forward bikes....but always wanted a Harley xr750 lookalike (flat tracker style)...when i first found out the Honda were releasing this i knew i'd found my new bike.
    The bike is really well balanced and feels nice and light. bike is nice and torquey...you can go along a nice twisty road and you really don't have to change down all the time, just roll the throttle back.......i mean it's no Fireblade but pulls really nice and goes around the corners easily.
    Petrol tank could be a bit bigger but am willing to live with it for the lovely looks.
    If taking a pillion you will need a backrest as the rear seat is a little on the compact size.

    Take one out for a testride.

    Cheers Andy :)
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  4. I have recently got a VT750S , my first large bike , I love it not too large as I ride to the city occasionally in peak hr ( From Manly ). Have been on a trip recently around Central west , around 500km in a day , very easy to ride, all the power I want. Put a set of Bibble Bar panniers on it , they work well and look good , although a bit of a pain to fit. I am also looking for a wind shield.
  5. umm by memory when i was in Brisbane there was a Accessories warehouse on moss street slacks creek.. i think it was run by the PRO group.. go check them out.. if not i dare say they could get them in...
  6. Hi Guys. I recently sold my VT750S. Great bike for around Brissie. I have brand spanking new Cobra slashdown pipes, powerflo air intake and fuel management system for the VT750S for sale if you're interested. Long story.
  7. I know you want to shop at a real shop but mcas.com.au has a huge range of fairings and windshields.....
  8. Heya guys...
    got the same bike on 3/11/12... When I was buying mine I've asked dealer to put the windshield on..
    They have installed the honda one.. not too big.. not too small.. sits nicely... Now I'm looking to get saddlebags... any suggestions (melbourne area)??
  9. I have a VT750s love it , i have panniers from a guy inBrisbane . had them for 12 months no issues , have held their shape and are waterproof http://bibblebar.com.au/
  10. Heya Ladaril
    Which ones did you get?? And was it easy to mount them???
  11. I go
    I got the studded bags ,$275 with the removable fittings , they were a bit fiddly but got there , if you send me email I can send photos
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  12. Email sent
  13. Thanks Ladaril for your email and information

    Got the $275 on order.. so should get them by Friday... Will wait until I get them to sort out the right screws...
  14. Hi best email is philowen27@gmail.com