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Honda VT750S Exhaust

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dan_man_x, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. So, I just bought a Honda VT750S and have noticed that when sitting at the lights, it can get very toasty under my left leg. I inspected further and noticed this bit of the exhaust (circled in the attached photo) that is giving off all the heat.

    It seems to be a huge amount of heat coming off here. Without textile over pants on it may even be too hot on the legs.

    I checked a couple of other similar bikes in the showroom today and they both have the same design.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Some ideas I had were:

    Heat tape, but I'm not sure if I can easily get around that bit as this pipe pops out of the chromed exhaust and back in and I'm not sure how much gap there would be to feed tape through.

    Heat shield, no idea where to mount it.

    After market exhaust that's designed properly.

    Any other thoughts on how to address this? It'll be mighty uncomfortable come mid summer.

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  2. That might be a catalytic converter, they run hot by design. Maybe just get a set of aftermarket pipes for it. Vance and Hines are popular on cruisers.
  3. Yes, aftermarket pipe will run cooler, because the exhaust flows more freely.
  4. OK that sounds like an option. I can't seem to find any leads on the net on which exhaust options or model numbers that would fit the VT750S. I think VT750S was only sold in EU & AU. US models look to be different model numbers. Anyone know what the VT750S US equivalent is? or say which Vance and Hines model would fit the VT750S?
  5. OK after some more research I think I've found out that:
    • The equivalent model in the US is the Honda Shadow RS 750.
    • Vance and Hines don't make anything that fits according to their website.
    • Staintune quote in their price list that the Honda Shadow 750 model only goes up to 2006 models or older. Mine is a 2010.
    • Cobra make 3 exhaust models for the VT750RS at http://www.cobrausa.com/honda/shadow_rs_750_10_13_1/motorcycle_exhausts/.
  6. If u do some measuring u can prob find some generic cans that will fit on it online somewhere. Start with eBay, they won't cost much
  7. I'm surprised that the exhaust would be different between the variants if the VT750. The engine is the same so the header part would be the same, and the rest is pretty much a straight run of varying length. You'd think it wouldn't be too hard to get them to fit and mount up.
  8. I think Honda did different stuff over the years with letting air into the exhaust ect.

    That's why that weird pipe is sticking out the side.

    All the more reason to junk it and replace it with a simple exhaust.
  9. Ahh, OK, the VT400 I had for a while already had an aftermarket exhaust, it was very simple.
  10. I saw a new VT400 in the store the other day and it had the same catalytic converter design. How did Honda think this was good design and has kept doing it for 3 years?
  11. I'm not sure about the situation with bikes, but a lot of those air/pulse injection things on car exhausts were for the USA market (specifically California) as they had tight pollution laws (before Europe and unleaded petrol). If Honda had a big percentage of their bikes going to that market it may be why they were doing this.
  12. Actually I don't think it's a catalytic converter. Apparently the exhausts are joined via this pipe and it's just a straight through between the two.
  13. OK, that'd be called a crossover pipe or a balance pipe, it softens and deepens the sound and can improve torque.