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Honda VT750c2

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by zilli, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm looking for some opinions from you guys. Been reading the site for a few months and doing some research, and there are a lot of very knowlegable people on here.

    I'm buying my first bike, im off my P's... minimal on road riding experience.

    On Saturday i finally went for a ride on a VT750c2 ive been eyeing out at my local Honda dealer... was very confidence inspriing, a really easy bike ro ride, with a look that i like... its a classic clean look...

    What i would like to know before i purchase is

    1) Reliability?
    2) Modifications - looks and go
    3) Any problems known?

    And lastly, i want to hear somee opinions from owners... are the bigger bikes like the vn900 really that much for powerful?

    Just some thoughts guys.

  2. Zilli,
    I had a VT750C earlier last year. (I actually wrote the article in the 1st link in Adoni's post above....). I "re-learnt" to ride on that bike, but by late March/early April 08, I was finding it under-powered. However, that is more a reflection on me being a bit over weight than the bike being under-powered..... so if you're not too big, you should be sweet on the 750. I have a mate who is probably 5'11" and weighs about 80-90kg's I think, and he LOVES his 750 Shadow.

    I don't know of any problems with them, but for mods check out
    www.cruisercustomizing.com and do a search on VT750 Aero, which is what they're known as in the USA. Also check out Glenn at www.republiccycle.com for prices, he generally has better prices. If you don't see what you want on his web page, just email him and ask him for prices!
    As for reliability, AFAIK, the Honda 750 V Twin is damn near bullet proof.

    I now ride a VTX 1300, and am more than happy with it. It is a beautiful motorcycle!

    Keep us posted with what you end up getting.


  3. thanks for the links guys, and also for the opinion SB...

    I am 6ft and about 84 kilos... it did have a nice bit of urge, but like i said it had about 1200kms on it, i would say it will still open up once it's run in properly?

    It really was a great ride, and i like the clean look of the bike, other than the rear light and number plate garnish :-( looks really tacked on...

    The bike is a demo and i reckon i will get it for 10500 give or take... it's a black one. He has offerred me a brand new silver one for 12k ridaway but not crazy about the silver... shame it wasnt pearl white :)

    The bike is just so classic looking and clean in its lines... the other bikes listed on the site such as the M/C50 and the VN's are all really nice bikes, and the numbers are better (including the price) but i really cannot stand the rear fenders on them...

    This is such a nice need package... plus i am impartial to Honda's :)

    I think im in love but i gotta make the right decision... but even if the others listed are more powerful dont know if i like the look...

    i may go down this saturday and have another look :)
  4. That's a hot looking bike :shock:
  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  6. I just bought a VT750C2 yesterday. Had to ride it from Healseville to Geelong (2 hours) in the afternoon peak hour traffic. I absolutly loved the way it handled in the heavy slow traffic and also the highway. I am a slightly heavier (105kg) bloke and found it was cruising at 110 with no problems with plenty to spare. At the end of the ride I was still feeling relaxed and not drained as I used to on a similar ride with my old VTR1000F Firestorm.
  7. when is the first service on the bike?

    Its got 1200 on it now, when do they do the first servicce?
  8. Manual says 1000k's
  9. dunno what made me do it.... :)

    but i just signed the paperwork, i takje delivery of a 07 VT750c2 demo with 1200kms on it in black this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Congrats! You wont be disapointed.
  11. thanks mate!

    cant belive ive done it, after months of to and fro ing
  12. I was the same. It has taken me months to finaly make the move. Glad I did now, after the ride yesterday.
  13. Congrats zilli..... nice choice of bike there mate!


  14. cheers Brian! thanks for your thoughts earlier

    i got all the gear too, and sensibly went for a full face...

    cant wait to pick it up on Saturday, hopefully the weather is good! dont want the first experience to be in the rain
  15. Congrats, it looks very nice, great pickup :)
  16. Well lads and ladettes, i got it!

    If it wasnt so stinking hot, and i wasnt so worried about rain (dont want to ride in it) id still be out there!

    Such a nice smooth ride, love every single second of it!


  17. :p congrats on your new bike zilli! (sorry dont know your real name?) Im 5 foot 1 inch shortness & its really the only bike that I can reliably plant my foot on the ground at the lights without having to do a balancing act on my tippy toes!! Or risk dropping the thing.. Its fab. No sports bikes for me, way too high sit position plus whats not too love about the Honda 750 Vt C2 I just picked up an 07 model just prior to Xmas the C2 as u know has fuel injection so its great and even better for me a Fuel warning light. but I wont go into the fact that on my first bike a 250cc Honda custom (sort of a 250 version of a shadow) had a reserve tap I ran out of fuel twice Yikes!! due to forgetting I was running on reserve and run out of fuel and both times in the middle of nowhere. Not happy Jan!

    My new bike is a gorgeous candy red one (VT750C2, 2007 model) only 4790km on the clock when I bought it a coupla days before Xmas and I just bought some studded Eagle brand leather saddle bags for it. it looks so sexy now, I could eat it!
    You wont go wrong with the engine they are supremely reliable naturally needs to be serviced regular but that goes with out saying.
    The only other bike I considered was the Suzuki boulevard but not much diff I reckonn between 750cc (the Shadow) and 900cc (the Boulevard) plus much better resale value on the Honda if you want to sell it.

    Thanks Brian for tips on where to go for mods my next thing is a sissy bar Honda quoted me $380 or $480 (not incl fitting cost) depending on which model high or low you get and that is just ridiculous!!

    Will check out that USA site for some inspiration.
  18. the cruiser life

    :grin: Ahhh!! Just saw your pics the bike is nice (not the type of dog) Im a small doggie person mine is a Maltese x schanauzer. maltese cuteness but snauzer brainpower!! Here is a picture of my yummy new bike I got just before Xmas I lurrve it.

    Happy riding on your new bike, sheri (bikechickadee)