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Honda VT750C 2007

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sLowBrian, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Thought I'd share my views on my bike, a Honda Shadow VT750C. Firstly though, let me say, I don't have any credentials really to "review" the bike, just a desire to pass on my thoughts on it.

    First, some background on me..... I rode small bikes when I was younger, well.... 25 years ago actually. My wife and I went a lot of places on my old two-stroker... (bike, that is!!)... when we were first dating. Then marriage, kids, mortgage, that sort of thing always meant I couldn't afford a bike....

    Till now!
    So last December, I started perusing the internet. I originally wanted a Harley Davidson, and I wanted a new bike, but I sadly couldn't stretch the finances that far. My new ride was to be a cruiser, would need to be fitted with a sissy bar and luggage rack, saddle bags and crash bars, and I was determined to have the right clothing for both my wife and me from the outset. So with the $$ keeping a new Harley at bay, I looked at Yamaha's and Kawasaki's. They are beautiful bikes and I had found a 2nd hand Yamaha V-Star that caught my fancy, even though it was a couple of years old. Then a mate showed me his VT750, and it was love-at-first-sight! The sleek lines of the Shadow caught my imagination and I dreamed of owning one. I love the Classic American look coupled with the reliability of Honda. Perusing the Honda web site I was pleasantly surprised at the price, $9990 plus ORC. I went to the local Honda dealer that afternoon and left a deposit. Next on my agenda was getting my license, I participated in a Q-Ride Course, (refresher and assessment) and passed with flying colours, progressing straight to my open license. On Christmas Eve 2007, I picked up my beautiful Shadow. My accessories arrived a fortnight later, Cobra crash bars, DriRider saddle bags and a Honda rack/sissy bar.

    Now I've owned my bike for a little over two months and am gaining confidence every time I ride. Unfortunately, I drive a service vehicle for work; otherwise I would be riding EVERY day! The first time I got caught in rain (a VERY light shower!) I panicked somewhat and very CAREFULLY made my way home. Since then I have been caught several times, yesterday I was travelling down the M1 Motorway from Brisbane when a squally storm hit. I didn't like being on the freeway in a storm with cars/trucks/buses etc, so I took an exit and used the service roads, but still rode through the rain, just a little more carefully but still;
    A) Confidently
    8) With a stoooopid grin on my face that seems to appear whenever I swing my leg over the Honda's seat! :grin: :grin: :grin:
    Anyway, freeway riding is not as much fun as the slower roads, I tend to get home quicker therefore spending less time on my bike!

    The thing I have found hard to adapt to is the riding style. My old Suzuki was a road bike, lean down over the tank and let the 2-stroke loose! A-Ringgggggg-A-ding-ding-ding-ding!!!!! The cruiser makes me feel like I am a parachute behind Victor Bray's drag car! I am getting used to it now, but at first it was a huge learning curve! And there ain't a lot of height to the cruiser so when I lean into a bend, often the heels of my boots and/or the foot pegs themselves are scraping the bitumen. A very unnerving feeling the first time it happened. Likewise when approaching driveways/gutters etc, sometimes the frame underneath connects with the driveway with a loud scrape if I'm not careful enough. That's the price of riding a cruiser though, and my only other gripe with the bike is the seat, which particularly at first gave me a numb-arse in no time! Again, I am getting used to it, and can now ride comfortably for an hour to an hour-and-a-half before feeling the need to get off and stretch a little. I am told a re-upholster of the seat will fix this, or a new seat even, but I am not too worried about it at present.
    To me, the engine responds well to the throttle. I have tended to stall it at times, but am getting better at "feeling" the revs when accelerating slowly from a standstill. Roll the throttle back hard and VROOOM, the 750 pushes the bike easily down the road. Being a big bloke, the riding position is perhaps a little cramped, but I have ordered highway pegs which should allow me to stretch out my legs a little and alleviate this. I find it smooth through the gears and cruising at 100-110, even 120kph on the motorway seems effortless. In fact I wouldn't hesitate to say that it would cruise all day at 110 with no problems at all. Even little things like the mirrors, which on my old 250 would shudder so much that I couldn’t see anything behind me, are quite tight and stable till starting to vibrate at around 130kph. I have read some negative things about the brakes, but I have found them to be adequate. (Perhaps I might view things differently if this wasn’t my first “modern†bike???)
    So, to date I have no problems with my Honda, and anyone who is thinking of buying one, I can honestly recommend it!
  2. Thanks for the review. My old man is looking at trading "his" (I use the term loosley as I have been comuting on it now for about 3 years) Yamaha XV250 Virago in on one of these. I will inform him of all of your coments and trust he will find them helpful.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your ride.
  3. Good onya mate, the VT750C is a good, cheap, honest and reliable mid-size cruiser. A good example of the genre.
  4. I had a VT750 ACE not so long ago and it went great. A top cruiser for sure and now I sometimes miss her as I am becoming a hoon on my other bikes!