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Honda VT600 Shadow

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BulletProof, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Been looking for my first learner bike and came across these at a good price. Problem is that they're at least 10 years old! I found a couple for sale with 24,000 and 55,000kms respectively. What are your thoughts on getting one of these as a learner?

  2. So did you end up getting one?

    I got one recently - not bad for a first bike, very easy to ride and forgiving.
  3. Not that long ago a 600 was a big bike you moved up to - more than adequate. I know the initial query is old, but 10 years and those kms is young too.
  4. Apologies for digging up an old thread........

    I'm looking at picking up my first bike like the OP above. I've done a lot of riding in the past and recently settled on wanting a cruiser. These are floating around at a good price and I'm deadset keen to grab one and modify it up into something unique and ultimately mine.

    My biggest concern though is there doean't seem to be many of these around. Are parts going to be hard to come by (is there an overseas equivalent)?

    I test rode one recently and the guy wouldn't take my price so I mived on, and I just loved it. It had some cool pipes on it and sounded fantastic.

    Any other advice tips or points into a direction for more infor would be great....thanks.
  5. What year were they last made. If it's less than ten years you will get them no worries at the Honda dealer here.
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    The one I looked at was 1998, and I haven't seen any others with a later model than that.

    It seems there is a lot of similarities between the VT600 and the 750. Same maintenance manual etc.
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    They are probably called something else in the usa. But there is probably parts there. They have a much bigger market for cruisers. I would do a search on the international forums to get a feel about their popularity. Maybe search Craigslist los Angeles to see if you can find one and what it's called as well.

    Are you looking for lams only?

    Also you could just try ringing the local dealer and asking for a price and wait for a random part.
  8. That seems like pretty good advice. They're VLX600 over there it seems (also some people call it that here too).

    Yeah I'm after a LAMS bike. My problem is this riding bug has bitten me hard. I want a zippy little racer and a cruiser to you know, cruise on.

    I'm a mad keen guitarist with 13 guitars.......this bike thing could send me broke, again. :)
  9. Yeah I have heard of it as the vlx. I was thinking about buying one in the usa last year. Cheap to run, Japanese.

    If it's only a second bike then it should be fine then. If it was your main form of transport I would be more nervous if I was you.

    Yeah I only have three at the moment. It's a sickness.