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Honda VT400

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Rivenscyr, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Been looking at entry level lams cruisers to begin my 2 wheeling

    the VT400 is at the top of my list atm, Im a big bloke at 6ft, 100kgs but Im sure there will be ample power/torque to get me moving

    Cant seem to find much info on the VT400 on the net, Does Honda produce the same bike under different names in other markets? Any forums i should be on to source more info?
    I've seen it multiple times where its mentioned that the VT400 is identical the the VT750's therefore i assume most modifications possible on a VT750 are also possible on a VT400 (i.e handlebar modifications)?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Have you looked at the Vstar650 classic or custom ?

    i own one and so do alot of peoples on these forumes nothing but good things being said about these bikes and with your build it would suit u nicely.
  3. I had the Yamaha XVS650 Classic, nice ride and bullet proof!!
  4. I bought a Vt400 new and after 3 months I sold it and bought a CB400. It was heavy and unwieldy and i bought it with my heart and not my head - but each to their own.

    If you must go cruiser route for first bike try a Yamaha XVS650. Check out other bikes too like the KLR650 - they seem pretty popular for tall folk!

  5. Thanks for the replies fellas,
    I've heard nothing but good things about the XVS650's, just want to be differnt and try something else from what everyone else has.
    My first choice originally was a BMW G650GS (since i drive a BMW daily) but decided a cruiser would be a nicer bike style
    Guess there isnt much to be said about a bike till I've ridden one.

    anything i should know before visiting a dealership?
  6. mate have a chat to the people that ride them, http://www.shadowbikers.net/index.html
  7. cheers for the link to a forum, been on there already. although its active it is a very small community
  8. Hi Rivenscyr,

    I bought the VT400 as my first bike, heard it said it's unwieldy, but hey I went from a scooter to a cruiser so I figured whatever I went with was gonna feel like that for a while. I love it but I'm small and one of the reasons I went with it was so that I wouldnt have to spend money getting modified to get my stubby legs to reach stuff. Having said that my 6 foot husband has ridden it and loved it. He also had never ridden a cruiser before.

    I guess this post is going to be too late to help but just wanted to add my 2cents, and wish you luck on whatever you decide. And let you know that yeah if you want a cruiser then get a cruiser, I was told to get all sorts of bikes at the start but went with my gut and I love my shadow :D
  9. Cheers for the reply,
    Havent yet made a purchase. Had a go the other day on a scooter. Kinda fun!
  10. i purchased a brand new vt400 a month or so ago and i dont regret it at all, its my 2nd bike upgrading from a vtr250

    sure its not the fastest learners bike out there but its a bloody cruiser. so all the people bagging out saying its not fast etc should just get a sports bike.
    this ride is comfortable, reliable, and its got enough torque in the low to mid range. and hey its a honda.
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  11. That size is more than adequate for a 100kg rider to ride anywhere on. I know from experience: I rode an XV535 for a while and an SR500/400 (single cylinder, so less power and more strain on the highway) for years.

    And...? ;)

    I'd personally go the XVS650. As a general rule I think Yamaha make mechanically better bikes.
  12. Don't regret it at all? I thought you wanted more power, torque etc? :-s
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  13. dude, please stop doing my head in!!!
  14. what? just because i want more power doesnt mean i dont regret it, i have a ss v8 also and i want more power on that as well but i dont regret it.

    wanting more power for me is just greed!
  15. ](*,)

  16. haha you make me laugh
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  17. just ride the damn bike and get a VTX1300C Fury or some shit when you get off your restrictions, they have heaps more power, way way more than you'll ever get out of your 400.
  18. haha if i upgrade it'd probably be a harley and that'd be a long long time down the track. i actually do really love my vt400, (bar the fact that i'd like some more power)

    its comfortable, handles everywhere i go very easy and its really easy to ride and looks sexy!!