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Honda VT250C vs V25

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MrChicken, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. I'm in the market for a nice black Honda VT250C - having passed my L's last week. :grin: I'm a bit confused about the model though. As far as I know, the VT250C ceased production around 2001/02. I'm in NSW but have noticed the Honda V25 in Victoria - only Victoria for some reason. Anyway, it seems to look exactly like the VT250C but up to 2005 compliance, and generally less money. Is it the same bike? Why just Victoria? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hey, and if you're looking to sell your late model black VT250C (in NSW) give me a yell.

  2. The VT250C where sold here by Honda Australia.

    While the V25C's, are grey imports, imported by the likes of Sumoto (do a search on them). The V25C, has dates of 2005 (which is the date of compiance not manufacture, so it may be a 1990 bike).

    If you want to know more about grey imports or compliance(ing). I would suggest you do a search for either. There is heaps of info.
  3. As far as I know the VT250 and V25 are the same bike. Difference is that it was sold here officially as the VT250 - in Japan it was sold as the V25. So the V25's you're seeing for sale are most likely grey imports - more common in Victoria since there's obviously a greater demand for 250s (since larger LAMS cruisers aren't allowed). Compliance date of the V25s may be 2005, but the actual build date could be anything.
  4. Confirm this - they're the same bike.

    But the silver ones are the best. ;)
  5. Oh yeah it was also sold as the Honda Magna - I like this supercharged example myself (pity it was never a factory option).
  6. They are the same bike, I did alot of research about the bike, as I was seriosly going to buy one last year. In the end I baught myself a Kawasaki 250cc Eliminator (new), as they hold there value better in comparason. A point of ineterest, is the Honda and the Kawasaki were among the only bikes with a water cooled v twin engine. I think both bikes are very well designed, however another rider, having riden both said the honda felt underpowered in comparison. I can not comment on the honda having never riden one, however I can assure you the Kawasaki is never short on power, all the way through to 12500rpm :)

    anyways, just thought I would present you with something to think about.

    good luck!