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Honda VT250C (V25)

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  1. Westaussieguy submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Honda VT250C (V25)

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  2. Gee that looks big for a 250.

    Nice one.
  3. Hey,
    I'm a complete noobs & just purchased the same model but it has double the km's & looks nowhere near as in good a shape as your showcase here. Nice one buddy.

    Wondering whether you got a copy of the service manual & could upload it somehow or know where I can get a copy?
    Apologies if this isn't the appropriate thread to hit you up for it on aye.
  4. @*Jed, Have a squiz here.
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  5. ^^^that's where I got my owners manual from. Would love to find a service or parts manual somewhere if anyone has one.
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  6. You may well have to buy that. Try Honda or Amazon.
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  7. looks awesome westaussieguy
    i have a 1997 model with 35k on the clock
    love these bikes
    what brand are your saddle bags?
  8. hutchfx the bags are dri rider sports bags and the tank bag is a Oxford1 bag.
    I think the saddle bags were about $100 from a local shop and you can fit or take them off in 30 seconds. They hold 24lts which is enough to hold a couple of days shopping or a couple of days worth of clothes. They work well because they don't hang over the pipes like other bags.