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Honda VT250 wireing

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by bomber watson, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Gday guys, i have a bit of a problem im trying to sort out.

    Myself and some mates brought a 85 VT250 motor, box, and most other bits off a wrecked bike with the intention of grafting it onto a go cart frame we have.

    Sadly the wreck was stripped years ago and long gone, and the person who stripped it doesnt know a carbie from a cam shaft. So were left with a bit of a problem.

    At the point im at now, i have a weak spark and can crank the motor, but it does not seem to want to run. It does give the odd slight kick. It is getting fuel to the carbies.

    Now first thing we did was make up a rough frame just to test start the motor on. I took the fly wheel cover off the left hand side and turned the motor over, and pulled the cam covers off and had a look. Everything seemed fine, but i didnt check the valve lash which is on my list of things to do.

    After this we began putting everything back onto it, including trying to wire the whole thing up as it would have been on a bike. We had almost everything there but there were a few plugs without homes. There is also a make shift fuel tank grafted onto it.

    After getting everything to a point where i thought it would work we tried cranking it with the button in the hand control, ignition switch turned on and stop start switch on.

    Got absolutely no response.

    Then i down loaded some wiring diagrams to try to work out what happened, they were ok but of very poor quality and hard to read.

    Basically what we did was strip out absolutely every wire that we figured wasnt needed for the motor to run. Although we intended to put the original gauge cluster and that kind of thing in there all the wiring for that got ripped out, but this is not the problem for now.

    It did not take long to work out how to get the motor to crank over with the yellow and red wire, and after a fair while cutting wires out i ended up getting a weak spark.

    Basically all thats on the loom now is the regulator, the coil packs, the two control modules for the coils, the starter solenoid and one strange solenoidy thing that i have no idea what does but seemed important.

    I have tried several different earths and that sort of thing to get the spark better but with no luck.

    When winding over after some playing around we got some very slight kicks out of the motor but pretty much nothing.

    So basically does anyone either have a high resolution wiring diagram that i can print over several pages preferably, or is anyone familiar with the wiring on this part of the motor who could give me a helping hand?

    Also any other ideas as to what the problem might be will be considered carefully.

    Hope i have explained myself properly

  2. All good guys. Got it sorted and running happily on the test bed.

    Thanks to anyone who took the time read this anyway.

  3. good to hear you got it running mate
  4. :LOL: