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Honda VT250 engine issue for street fighter project

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by captainspank, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Hi gang,

    Usual long time reader (ok very long time) 1st time poster here.

    Recently brought two VT250's, both in average shape for a street fighter project. One VT250 is missing it's fuel tank (the one on the right as per the pic) so we'll forget about that one for now and focus on just one of them. The one that's got virtually all it's parts (83 model). Run's when you run carby fluid direct, but the engine won't run when fuel is connected.

    The guy I brought them from was a 1st year motorcycle apprentice and he couldn't figure it out either (but then he ran out of time having a nagging wife to get rid of them and all that ;P).

    It also has a remote engine starter (I know high tech for an old 83) and as much as he can get it to fire through the carby he couldn't when he hooked up the tank to run fuel into the engine.

    I guess I'm just asking for everyone's 2cents on what they may initially think no matter how inane or silly it may sound (such as is the fuel turn't on? etc...) as a starting point for me to get trouble shooting on it.



  2. Sounds like the fuel tap isnt tapping. Make sure fuel is getting past the tap into the carb.

    Not sure what you mean by carb fluid direct?
    I'm assuming you've got an auxiliary tank and running straight into the carbs bypassing the tap, then when you hook it all up correctly it wont fire.
  3. Yeah thanks foot69. I had my first real good look at her today (been getting over tonsillitis & the flu so been taking it easy).

    Checked the lines, switched the tap from main to reserve and even unplugged one end and physically blew fuel through, so I know it's not blocked. On starting her up it's as if she want's to go but just doesn't.
    I did manage to get one rev out of it but that was it. I may do a short video and post the link up on the weekend as it sounds like airs being sucked from somewhere in the engine so it may even be a gasket issue.

    Since this was an ebay purchase I've come across some other tiny issues which I'd come to expect. Such as the fuel lid won't open even after running WD40 through the lock (hmm that may explain the extra fuel lid in the spares box) and after kicking it out of Neutral it doesn't want to go back in.

    I'm pretty much going to overhaul this bike anyway so it's not really the end of the world. But then two bikes for $500 I'm not complaining :D
  4. LOL i remember seeing these advertised on eBay, when i was hunting....got a proper 88 spada instead...but congrats on the buy, real steal..
  5. a mate had a similar issue with his kh100. vastly different engine i know, but his problem ended up being a huge air leak bypassing the throttle body due to one of the gaskets/spacers/etc being put in wrong or something. his would run, but only on full choke and nothing else.......was loud haha.

    also, you should of got a spada :p i may be biased though
  6. I was actually looking at another ZZR250, and on seeing these did a bit of googling and read up on them and the Spada's. I think at the time whilst these where selling two Spada's went for about 1k each. Still for what I got it's a good bargain and other than the engine not kicking, and a few niggly things it hasn't got much to do on it to get her roadworthy before I SF it.

    The other bike needs a bit more work like a new tank and throttle and the engine nutted out after it 'banged out' on Great Ocean Rd chasing some 600cc (???). It could be as something simple as a seal...but then it could be much worse too. lol
  7. yeah one went for $660 i think


    but the guy was really dodgy. Said the battery was discharged after lying out for so long, then apparently he 'may have thrown it out' when I asked if he could let me jump it. Yeah nah not wasting money on something I can't start, but I guess at 660 its sorta worth it. Regardless what problems may arise. I ended up going for a red 88 spada got it for 1900 with 12 months reg...only problems slightly warped clutch plates, and choke that's 'sticky'...not too bad for an old girl
  8. lol. I'd been watching that one too.

    With all the extra parts I got, plus a manual that came with the two older VT250 bikes I'm pretty happy with them. So long as I do most of the work I can't see myself spending more than $300 to $500 all up getting them both up and running. It's the mods I want to do that will cost more, like carbon and chrome parts.

    I can see myself getting one going well and selling that to finance the extra stuff I want to do to the other one.
  9. How old's the fuel?
    Old fuel goes off - anything that has been left to sit for more than 6 months or so, you might want to ditch the fuel and try with some fresh Optimax (for the increased calorific value, not for the high octane).

    I assume you've checked the bowl of the carb to ensure that it is getting fuel into it?