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Honda VT1300 Fury

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Assassin, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. These are pics I took of a mates new Honda.... I thought they came out ok...

    It's probably worthwhile clicking on the first photo to view it in full size...


    The next two were playing around in Photoshop....


    Any feedback would be much appreciated..

  2. amazing for a honda, i like them, always have since they came out, but not worth the $$$, great pics
  3. and that would be a good bike to do some light painting on :)
  4. Well, they aren't really my cup of tea, (I would never buy one), but they look a million dollars... I did have a ride on it as well, and it goes alright, but the big bonus is the shafty...

    She photographs well too....
  5. That's one crazy looking bike dude..love it ! That blue colour seems very fitting as well.
  6. Is that Neil Mitchell ?

  7. Na, not Neil Mitchell, sorry....
  8. Wow, i'd be so scared to ride that bike.. the paintwork looks amazing.

    Good editing too. :angel: